How Money Affects Policy In Nashville [Interview with Senator Frank Niceley]

As Of Now, There Is No Limit To The Amount Of Funding State And Federal-Level Candidates In Tennessee Can Receive From Out-Of-State Sources To Run Their Campaigns For Office. Senator Frank Niceley Is Looking To Change That.

Niceley Believes That Interests Outside Of The State Should Not Have A Majority Hand In Sponsoring Campaigns For Political Candidates And That Out-Of-State Influence Is Not In The Best Interest Of Tennesseans And That On The Federal Level, It Weakens Our Position In D.C.

In This Interview, Niceley Speaks Of His Legislation And How PAC Money Can Influence Policy Decisions In Nashville, The Possibilities Of Good Illegal Immigration Bills Being Introduced In The General Assembly, And His Bill To Limit Foreign Ownership Of Tennessee Land.

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New Dashboard Tool Gives Tennesseans “Same Access To The Legislative Process As Their Elected Officials”

An Innovative Tool That Will Enhance Public Transparency In The Legislative Process Within The Tennessee House Of Representatives Has Been Unveiled And Is Ready For Use By Tennessee Taxpayers.

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Highlights From 20th Annual Bill Of Rights Banquet In Dayton, Tennessee

Highlights And Video From The 20th Annual Bill Of Rights Banquet In Dayton, Tennessee Featuring Speakers June Griffith, Rev. Matthew Trewhella, And Chief Warrant Officer Louis DeMarco.

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Rep. Powers To Re-Introduce Bill To Combat Big Tech Censorship Of Tennessee Citizens

Representative Dennis Powers Plans To Reintroduce His Social Media Common Carrier Bill With Hopes That It Will Pass This Time Around. Powers Believes Social Media Is The Town Square Of Our Time And That Social Media Companies Are Common Carriers, Just Like A Phone Company Or Hotel Chain, And They Should Not Discriminate Based Upon Political Ideology.

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Tennessee Advisory Committee Recommends Measures That Could Compromise Election Integrity

The Tennessee Advisory Committee To The U.S. Commission On Civil Rights Issued An Interim Memorandum This Week With Guidance For Overcoming What The Committee Says Are “Barriers” To Voting Within The State.

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To Vote Or Not – What’s Your Excuse?

Liberal Minded Residents Are Moving In And Eroding Blount County And East Tennessee’s Conservative Reputation And Stronghold. Some Transplanted Voters Are Certainly Sure To Be “Wolves In Sheep’s” Clothing. Democrats Proved That They Are Much More Masterful And Effective At Registering And Motivating People To Vote. Determined To Prevail At All Costs. Our Local Republican Party Is, As Many Across America Are, Sorely Lacking In Organizing, Registering, And Mobilizing New And Younger Voters.

If East Tennesseans Wish To Maintain Any Power, They Must Vote And Show Up At The Ballot Box! For Every Election, With The Same Zeal They Possess For Supporting The University Of Tennessee Vols And Local High School Football Teams.

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Why I Voted “Heck No” On The Inflation Expansion Act [Op-ed by Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger]

Earlier This Month, Washington Democrats Rushed H.R. 5376 For A Vote, A Socialist Scheme Chock Full Of Economy-Crushing Measures. They Even Used Your Federal Taxes As Payment For All The Airfare And Travel Costs Necessary To Reconvene Congress For A Single Vote In A Mad Dash To Advance It Before Americans Could Fully Realize What Was In It.

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The Left’s Bankrupt Bill Will Bankrupt You [Marsha Blackburn Op-ed]

The Left’s Legislative Strategy Underestimates The American People In Order To Conceal Their Radical Agenda. While They May Have Been Able To Force Their Build Back Broke Bill Through The Senate, Tennesseans Know The Truth: Democrats Are Intentionally Bankrupting America.

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