Tennessee TCAP Participation Exceeded Expectations in 2020-21 School Year

The Tennessee Department Of Education Announced That Participation In The TN Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) Exceeded Expectations During The 2020-21 School Year. The Annual Assessment Saw A Participation Rate Of 95% Across The State.

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Tennessee Firearms Association Seeks To Intervene In Federal 2nd Amendment Case

Tennessee Firearms Association Seeks To Intervene In Federal Case Involving Overreach By ATF When It Redefined A Bump Stock As A Machine Gun.

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The Cost Of Illegal Immigration To Taxpayers

The Costs Of Illegal Immigration To American And Tennessee Taxpayers is clearly Documented – Costing U.S. Taxpayers In The Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Every Year. In Fact, The U.S. Economy Loses 150 Billion Per Year From Our Economy Due To Money Made In The U.S. Being Sent Back Home To Foreign Countries. In Addition, Both Legal And Illegal Immigration Has The Effect Of Suppressing Wages And Wage Growth For Americans And Tennesseans And Especially For Those At The Lower End Of The Economic/Wage Scale.

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Anti-Gun Activist, Biden ATF Nominee Wants To Ban Tennesseans’ Hunting Rifles

Marsha Blackburn Rebuked Bureau Of ATF Nominee Chipman’s Agenda For Defying The U.S. Constitution During A Senate Judiciary Committee Confirmation Vote As Members Of The U.S. Congress Are Urging The Federal Government To Withdraw A Rule Change They Say Targets Veterans And Hurts Law-Abiding Gun Owners.

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Tennessee Can Do More To Protect Medical Freedoms

Most People Know By Now That Our General Assembly Failed To Pass Sweeping Legislation To Protect The Liberties And Privacy Of Tennesseans From Vaccine Passports And Requirements. Largely Because Of Bill Lee’s Opposition, Effort After Effort To Secure Our Health Freedoms Failed To Gain Support In Our Legislature, Leaving Tennesseans Vulnerable To Vaccine Mandates By Businesses, Schools, And Non-Profits.

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Blackburn: For Tennesseans, Military Appreciation Starts At Home

While Biden Is Willing To Dole Out Trillions For Energy Efficient Cars And Blue State Bailouts, His Priorities Sideline Much Needed Defense Spending. Rather Than Providing Adequate Funding For Both Readiness And Modernization, Biden Is Pushing Military Leaders To Make The Tough Choices For Him. Without The Ability To Maintain Our Defense Capabilities, Our Troops Will Be At A Clear Disadvantage.

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Senator Hagerty Exclusive Interview – Report What You See On Illegal Immigration in Tennessee

As Tennessee continues to grapple with getting illegal immigration under control, U.S. Senator Bill Hagerty joined me to discuss…

1 – What GOP Senators Are Doing in Washington D.C. to Address Joe Biden’s Border Crisis

2 – Why Tennesseans Should Report What They Are Seeing with Illegal Immigration

3 – What He Learned During His Recent Trip to Guatemala & Mexico

If you are concerned about the harmful effects of illegal immigration in our state, you need to watch this video.

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Blackburn: Tennesseans Can’t Afford Biden’s Perfect Storm

Rather Than Demanding Hardworking Americans Rewrite Their Budgets To Fund Idealistic wish Lists, Biden Needs To Take A Look At The Practical Effects Of This Spending Spree. Unless He Wants These Surge Prices To Become Permanent, Something Has To Change.

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Tennesseans Feel Angered, Misled By Lee’s Misdirection, Handling Of Illegal Immigration

Many Tennesseans Are Confused By Governor Lee’s Recent Outspoken Denouncement Of Biden’s Immigration Policies When Held In Contrast To Lee’s Previous Statements And Policies Regarding “Refugee Resettlement” In Tennessee.

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Tennesseans Ask Gov. Lee Why He’s Soft on Illegal Immigration

In Statements Made By Governor Lee Last Year, It Appears That He Opened The Door To Tennessee Becoming A Drop-off Point For Displaced Migrant Minors Coming To Our State Via Biden’s Border Crisis.

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