Are Pharmacies In Tennessee Breaking The Law By Not Dispensing Ivermectin?

The Tennessee Conservative Has Received Multiple Reports That Corporate-Run Pharmacies Are Either Not Carrying Ivermectin Or Telling Customers That A Prescription Is Required Before They Will Dispense The Medication, Contrary To The Original Intent Of A Bill Passed In The Last Session Of The General Assembly.

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9 Of 10 House Republican Candidates Supported By The TN Education Association Lost The Primary

The Tennessee Education Association (TEA) Chose To Support The Campaigns Of Several Republicans Vying For A Seat In The Tennessee House Of Representatives, But Only One Of The GOP Politicians They Chose To Support Won In The Primary.

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Legislative Report Card Ranks Tennessee’s Top 5 GOP Lawmakers

The Tennessee Legislative Report Card (TLRC) Has Given Senator Mark Pody, Representative Terri Lynn Weaver, Senator Janice Bowling And Retiring Representatives Jerry Sexton And Bruce Griffey The Highest Rankings Of All Republicans In The Tennessee General Assembly.

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CORRECTION: Retiring TN Rep Says “Lack of Transparency Major Issue in the Tennessee House”

Retiring Representative David Byrd (R-Waynesboro-District 71) Told The Tennessee Conservative That Many Legislators “Hide Behind” The Lack Of Roll Call Votes When They Don’t Want The Public To Know Their Stance On A Piece Of Legislation, Leading To Many Good Conservative Bills Being Killed In Subcommittees And Committees With No Official Record Made Of Who Was Responsible.

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28 Political Endorsements For REAL Conservatives In Tennessee

***Update – We’ve added three more candidates to our Endorsement list!***

Tennessee Conservative’s List Of Endorsements For The 2022 Election Season. We May Add More Candidates To Our List Of Endorsements As Time Goes On.

We Are Endorsing Multiple Candidates That Are Running Against Republican Incumbents, Many Are RINO’s While Some Are Moderate Benchwarmers.

The Fact Is, We Never Truly Know How A New Individual Will Perform Once Elected To Office. But We Certainly Know How Those Who Have Held Office Have Performed And Their Track Records Demonstrate That It’s Time For A Change.

This List, In Our Opinion, Reflects The Candidates That We Believe Would Best Serve Conservative Principles Should They Be Elected Or Re-Elected To Office.

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TN Law To Protect Students From Digital Obscenity & Pornography To Go Into Effect For Fall Semester

A New Act Signed Into Law By Governor Bill Lee On May 5th, 2022 Aims To Protect Students From Being Exposed To Obscenity And Pornography From Digital And Online Resources In Tennessee Schools.

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Tennessee Legislature Wraps Up Tempestuous Session

The Legislature Adopted An Ethics Reform Bill On The Final Day Of The 112th Session, One Supposedly Designed To Shed More Light On So-Called Dark Money.

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TN General Assembly Passes New Public School Funding Formula

A Bill That Will Change The Funding Mechanism For Tennessee’s Public Schools Passed The Legislature On The Final Day Of Session On Thursday.

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Social Media Censorship Bill Dead For Lack Of Funding, Half Billion To Be Spent On Titan’s Stadium

Tennessee Legislation That Would Have Stymied Social Media’s Censorship Of Tennessee Elections While Preserving The First Amendment Rights Of All Tennesseans In Today’s Online Public Square Is Dead For The Current Legislative Session.

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Parent Bill Of Rights Blocked By House Health Subcommittee (Update 3.25.22)

After Being Rolled Multiple Times Without Action By The House Health Subcommittee, The Parent Bill Of Rights Was Dealt The Killing Blow During Their March 22nd Meeting By Failing To Receive A Second.

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