Covenant School Shooter’s Writings Can’t Be Released, Tractor Supply Ends Woke Initiatives & More!

$350 Million In Taxpayer Dollars For Sports Stadiums

Perot Family Still Trying To Industrialize TN Farmland

The Covenant Shooter’s Manifesto Most Recent Court Ruling

& 4 More Big Stories on The BIG 7!

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Conservative Tennessee Activist Turns Focus On John Deere’s “Woke Policies”

Two Weeks After Shining A Light On Tractor Supply Co.’s Corporate Policies And Sponsorships Related To Diversity, Equity And Inclusion, Robby Starbuck Has Taken Aim At John Deere.

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Brentwood’s Tractor Supply Ends DEI Initiatives, Pride Funding

Brentwood-Based Tractor Supply Announced It Is Eliminating All Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Roles And Goals Along With Discontinuing Sending Data To The Human Rights Campaign In Response To Conservative Complaints Related To Its Policies.

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