Brentwood’s Tractor Supply Ends DEI Initiatives, Pride Funding

Image Credit: Tractor Supply Company

The Center Square [By Jon Styf] –

Brentwood-based Tractor Supply announced it is eliminating all diversity, equity and inclusion roles and goals along with discontinuing sending data to the Human Rights Campaign in response to conservative complaints related to its policies.

Former Fifth Congressional District candidate Robby Starbuck brought the complaints to light in a June 6 social media post on the topic.

Starbuck said that Tractor Supply had a DEI Council, it funded sex change operations and it funded pride and drag events, climate change activism and hosted LGBTQIA events at the office.

“We must make our voices heard,” Starbuck wrote. “(CEO) Hal Lawton needs to understand that we don’t want our hard earned money spent on these woke priorities. If he supports this stuff then he should spend some of his $11M salary or tens of millions in stock on it instead of using the money we spend at Tractor Supply.”

In response, Tractor Supply said it was discontinuing the DEI efforts, is withdrawing its carbon emission goals and focus on both land and water conservation efforts and it would further focus on “rural America priorities” such as AG education, animal welfare, veterans causes and being a good neighbor.

The company said it would stop being involved in pride festivals and voting campaigns.

“This monumental change is thanks to all of you who supported my work exposing this, to the whistleblowers in Tractor Supply and my fellow farm owners who respectfully spoke up,” Starbuck wrote about Tractor Supply’s statement. “I’m working to get more information about these changes but this is a fantastic moment for the fight to banish wokeness, DEI and ESG from the workplace.”

In response to the changes at Tractor Supply, National Black Farmers Association President John Boyd called for Lawton’s resignation.

About the Author: Jon Styf, The Center Square Staff Reporter – Jon Styf is an award-winning editor and reporter who has worked in Illinois, Texas, Wisconsin, Florida and Michigan in local newsrooms over the past 20 years, working for Shaw Media, Hearst and several other companies. Follow Jon on Twitter @JonStyf.

2 thoughts on “Brentwood’s Tractor Supply Ends DEI Initiatives, Pride Funding

  • July 9, 2024 at 10:21 pm

    Shame on Brentwood Tractor for capitulating bullies like Starbuck–or is it StarFuck? The Starbuck family are nothing but a bunch of right-wing thugs and predators like Gabrielle Hanson. When the Starbuck family finally denounces Ms. Hanson’s practice of grooming girls for child prostitution and for associating with Holocaust deniers and white racists, then the Starbucks can lecture all they want about “woke”.

  • July 12, 2024 at 8:35 pm

    I’m not surprised that Tractor Supply is discontinuing these “woke” practices in their company. It just goes along with the ever increasing racist makeup of the new Republican Party. The Christian Nationalists are becoming the voice of the party, and just like in Germany, Jews, Blacks, Latinos and Muslims are not wanted. They will take care of white farmers and anyone who flies the Confederate flag. Enjoy celebrating racism in the 21st century!


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