Defending Tennessee’s Abortion Ban Against Special Interest Groups – Interview With Tennessee Right To Life’s Will Brewer

Some Republicans In The Tennessee Legislature Who Voted For The Human Life Protection Act Back When The Overturn Of Roe V Wade Seemed To Only Be A Dream Are Now Working To Weaken Tennessee’s Strict Abortion Law And Unravel The Law That Is Estimated To Be Saving The Lives Of 900 Unborn Children Every Month.

Will Brewer From Tennessee Right To Life Joins Us Today To Discuss This Republican-Led Legislation, That At Least In One Case, Was Sneaked Into The Lineup Via A Last Minute Change To A Caption Bill And What Is Being Done To Halt Its Progress.

Brewer Also Discusses Some Good Pro-Life Legislation That Is Making Its Way Through The Legislative Process That Pro-Life Tennesseans Should Fully Support.
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Tennessee Lawmakers Sneak In Attack On Human Life Protection Act Via Caption Bill

Referred To As The “Life Of The Mother, Post Dobbs Cleanup Act,” House Bill 0883 Is In Reality An Attack On Tennessee’s Strict Abortion Law Passed Last Year, Weakening The Law And Offering Cover For Abortionists In The State.

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Speaker Sexton Calls TN Right To Life’s Efforts To Protect Abortion Ban “Intimidation” And “Uncalled For”

Tennessee Right To Life’s Efforts To Preserve The Human Life Protection Act Were Met With Disapproval By Speaker Cameron Sexton Who Said They Were “Uncalled For” And Characterized Them As “Intimidation”.

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Tennessee Right To Life Revokes Endorsement Of Senator Richard Briggs

On Tuesday, The Tennessee Right To Life Political Action Committee (PAC) Notified State Senator Richard Briggs, Of Knox County, That It Was Revoking His Endorsement Due To His Public Reversal Of Political Stances Which He Pledged Earlier This Year During His Respective Contested Primary And General Election Campaigns.

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