TN Right-to-Life Launches “Follow the Science” Billboard Campaign

Image Credit: Tennessee Right To Life

The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

As a push worldwide has encouraged people to ‘Follow the Science’ regarding medical care, Tennessee Right to Life has launched a billboard campaign promoting the science that proves the humanity of pre-born children.

Stacy Dunn, President, Tennessee Right to Life said, “Science has come a long way since Roe v. Wade, and it is our goal at Tennessee Right to Life to make sure that people recognize the humanity of the unborn child. What the abortion industry referred to as a clump of cells or a part of a woman’s body is undeniably a unique unborn human life.”

“We want people to realize that it’s perfectly logical to change their minds from what was presented as truth in 1973 to what is actual truth based on medical scientific advancements of today,” Dunn concluded. 


The billboards kicked off in Knoxville with chapters in other areas working to get this thought-provoking message displayed in their communities, many in conjunction with Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, January 23, 2022.

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Tennessee Right to Life is Tennessee’s oldest and largest pro-life organization boasting a strong grassroots presence all across the state reaching out with public education as well as a strong presence in the Tennessee General Assembly advocating for life-saving legislation. 


One thought on “TN Right-to-Life Launches “Follow the Science” Billboard Campaign

  • November 24, 2021 at 3:39 am

    Planned Parenthood should be providing Physical Exams, STD tests, birth control and Rx drugs for Free for anyone requesting their care. This would help diminish unwanted pregnancies. Some women or teens simply can’t afford $30/month or more for birth control pills, subcutaneous implants or IUD’s. Abortions, not only kill a fetus but will effect the long term mental health of the woman. Adoption should be promoted.
    IRONIC, liberals are promoting Aborting US babies while Allowing thousands of Illegals, testing positive for Covid, no vaccinations, drugs and Sex Traffickers across our Borders/rewarding them with taxpayer dollars while we have homeless/poverty that will freeze/starve this winter.


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