Tennessee Right To Life Endorses Monica Irvine For State Senate Based On Shared Commitment, Dedication To Pro-Life Cause

TN Right To Life Press Release –

The state’s oldest and largest pro-life organization has endorsed Monica Irvine for TN Senate District 6, representing Part of Knox County.

Citing Irvine’s demonstrated commitment to  defending Tennessee’s unborn children, the organization underscored their support. “Monica represents Tennessee’s pro-life values and will be a consistent voice for those who can’t  speak for themselves,” said Roger Kane, President of Tennessee Right to Life Political Action  Committee.  

“Tennesseans have made great strides in restoring protections for women and their  unborn children. Currently, it is estimated that the Human Life Protection Act is saving  more than 1,000 women and children from abortion in our state every month. Keeping  this law in place has only been possible through the dedication of pro-life legislators. It  is imperative to continue to elect to office, those who want to continue this life-saving  work”, said Kane. “There remains much work to do which will require courage and conviction.”  

Tennessee Right to Life strongly believes that Monica Irvine will be a positive addition to the  legislature and fully endorses her campaign in the 6th District. 

We urge every pro-life voter in the 6th Senate District to work and vote for her election.


One thought on “Tennessee Right To Life Endorses Monica Irvine For State Senate Based On Shared Commitment, Dedication To Pro-Life Cause

  • June 13, 2024 at 7:35 pm

    And well should every conservative organization endorse staunch conservative Monica Irvine in her race against tepid conservative Becky Massey (TLRC-76/D-). One great such conservative organization that is increasingly making itself felt around the states is the State Freedom Caucus (“HFC”) which is an offshoot of the legendary House Freedom Caucus of Jim Jordan fame. Regrettably, we don’t have a Tennessee chapter of that great organization, as I learned in answer to a question I put to the head of the HFC, because we simply don’t have enough real honest to goodness conservatives in the General Assembly from which to form a chapter.

    It’s Primary Season conservatives during which we have an opportunity to change that fact by supporting the candidates in the following Big Six Primaries, in addition to Monica Irvine https://monicairvine.com/:

    2. Chris Spencer https://www.chrisspencerforsenate.com/ who is challenging Ferrell Haile (TLRC–78/F).
    3. Ed LeCompte https://www.edfortnsenate.com/ who is challenging Todd Gardenhire (TLRC-67/B-).
    4. Teena Headrick https://teenahedrick.com/ who is challenging Ken Yager (TLRC-75/D-).

    5. Michelle Reneau https://www.electmichele.com/ who is challenging Patsy Hazlewood TLRC-77).
    6. Lee Reeves https://www.voteleereeves.com/ who I believe gives conservatives the best chance to BEAT BRIAN BEATHARD who has been endorsed by Worthless Sam Whitson (TLRC-71/F) as his successor.


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