TN Attorney General Announces $44.5 Million Settlement In Food City Opioid Case

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Press Release –

Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti announced a $44.5 million settlement with K-VA-T Food Stores, commonly known as Food City, over the grocery store chain’s opioid-related misconduct.

Most of the settlement will go to Tennessee’s Opioid Abatement Fund to support local efforts addressing the opioid epidemic.

“Every entity that contributed to the opioid crisis must be held accountable. Our Consumer Protection Division remains relentless in the pursuit of justice and I am proud of their aggressive enforcement in this case,” said Attorney General Skrmetti.

“By paying a hefty price to resolve past misconduct,” Skrmetti continued, “Food City provides critical resources to save lives and protect families and can now get back to the business of serving its customers and supporting Tennessee communities.”

Food City has also agreed to ensure future compliance by providing additional training to pharmacy staff, updating the prescription-validation process, and monitoring and reporting data related to suspicious activity. The settlement further includes an agreement by Food City to provide dedicated employment opportunities for Tennesseans recovering from opioid addiction.

2 thoughts on “TN Attorney General Announces $44.5 Million Settlement In Food City Opioid Case

  • September 22, 2023 at 8:38 pm

    It would be helpful if this article contained details of Food City’s “misconduct” or reference to the settlement. Is filling a drs.’ prescription misconduct?

    • September 22, 2023 at 11:55 pm

      50% of this is pushing a lie. It’s all about money. Not about people. Who will control who. Some drugs are just better than others. Not all work that same on all people. Those who abuse are free to do so….let them die. Let the rest get by and get better.. go track the money now. Where did every penny on. How much did they make off of this over time. Millions I bet.


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