Trump Says Election Results Will Take Weeks, Maybe Never

President Donald Trump recently stated that America may never receive the results of November’s Presidential Election.

At a speaking engagement with the Council for National Policy, President Trump said, “You’re not going to be able to know the end of this election, in my opinion, for weeks, months, maybe never.”

“You’ll never have an election count on November 3rd,” said President Trump.

Concern has been expressed by many parties that mail-in ballots will be ineffective and even lead to fraudulent voting. Cases have been reported where families receive the wrong ballots, some even addressed to a deceased family member. In one particular instance, a voter registration card was mailed to a dead cat.

Another potential set back of mail-in voting is the extended amount of time needed to count the tens of millions of mail-in votes.

Bill Evanina, director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center recently highlighted the potential for cyber attacks during the vote counting process:

“I’m worried about ransomware attacks. I’m worried about cyberattacks. I’m worried about the inability of people to vote because of cyber penetrations and ransomware.”

“I worry about not up to the election, from the influence perspective, I’m worried about the interference perspective come November 3, 4 and all the way through November,” said Bill Evanina.

Those with direct knowledge of election threats are sounding the alarm. President Trump expects that the November election will be delayed and contested with lawsuits, and counterintelligence officials are warning of cyber attacks on the infrastructure that tallies our mail-in votes.

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