Chattanooga Gas Partners With ‘Operation Warm’ To Deliver Winter Jackets To School Children

With The Pandemic And Resulting Economic Downturn, It Is Very Possible That More Children Will Be Without Proper Clothing For Cold Weather This Winter.

Harrison, TN – Chattanooga Gas is partnering with a 501c3 called “Operation Warm” to deliver 200 winter jackets to Hamilton County elementary school children.

100 jackets were already delivered to Harrison Elementary on Monday.

Operation Warm is a national nonprofit that manufactures new high-quality coats for children in need.

This specific nonprofit has been operating for 22 years and has gifted a total of 3,500,000 coats.

Every year, Operation Warm receives over 150,000 wish list requests for children’s coats.

“We believe that children should be able to spend as much time outside learning and playing as much as they spend inside in the classroom, and during the colder winter months, that’s a real challenge for many of our students.”, said Jennifer Brownlee, Principle at Harrison Elementary.

Chattanooga Gas has created a partnership with Operation warm with the aim of helping the local community.

“Our corporation decided that this was something that we wanted to be involved with and give back to our communities. And so each of our gas utilities in Illinois, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia will be donating at least 100 jackets. Here in Chattanooga we are able to do 200 jackets.”, said Paul Leath, Regional Director of Operations for Chattanooga Gas.

Children go without the proper winter clothing more often than those would think.

“So many times we may see kids in the morning come out without a jacket. And like you said before, these are unprecedented times and families are struggling. So it is a blessing for Chattanooga Gas to come with jackets in order to help our kids to perform in school.”, said Kennisha Cann, Assistant Principle at Harrison Elementary.

“We’ll be back to do it again and partner with the Hamilton County Department of Education on which schools. It could be Harrison again we don’t know, but we will go where the need is.”, said Paul Leath.

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