Chattanooga Mayoral & City Council Election Results; Runoff Election Will Proceed

Chattanoogans Took To The Polls Yesterday To Select Their New City Mayor And City Council Members. With The Top Two Mayoral Candidates, Tim Kelly And Kim White Receiving 30% And 29% Of The Votes Respectively, A Runoff Election Will Take Place On April 13th.

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Published March 3, 2021 

Chattanooga, TN – Chattanoogans took to the polls yesterday, March 2nd, to select their new City Mayor and City Council Members.   

With Mayor Andy Berke completing his second term in office, voters were given a wide-array of new candidates to choose from, totaling 15. 

With the two top candidates, Tim Kelly and Kim White receiving 30% and 29% of the votes respectively, a runoff election will take place on April 13th

According to the Hamilton County Election Commission, to be elected, a Mayoral candidate must receive a majority (50% + 1) of the votes cast; if no candidate garners a majority, a run-off election is held between the two candidates that received the most votes on the second Tuesday of April. 

Two of the Mayoral candidates, Russell Gilbert and Erskine Oglesby abandoned their City Council seats to run for Mayor, Districts 5 and 7, respectively. 

Two other current City Council members retained their seats without contest as they both ran unopposed, District 1 Council Member Chip Henderson and District 6 Council Member Carol Berz. 

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Chattanooga Mayor 

Tim Kelly had the majority of votes at 8,562 votes representing 30% of votes submitted. 

Kim White – Votes: 8,289    Percentage: 29% 

Wade Hinton – Votes: 6,108    Percentage: 22% 

Monty Bruell – Votes: 2,407    Percentage: 8% 

Russell Gilbert – Votes: 889    Percentage: 3% 

Elenora Woods – Votes: 805    Percentage: 3% 

Chris Long – Votes: 491    Percentage: 2% 

Erskine Oglesby – Votes: 322    Percentage: 1% 

Monty Bell – Votes: 157    Percentage: 1% 

Robert Wilson – Votes: 136    Percentage: 0% 

Andrew McLaren – Votes: 61    Percentage: 0% 

D’Angelo Davis – Votes: 60    Percentage: 0% 

Christopher Dahl – Votes: 53    Percentage: 0% 

George Ryan Love – Votes: 18    Percentage: 0% 

Lon Cartwright – Votes: 10    Percentage: 0% 

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Chattanooga City Council District 1  

Council Member Chip Henderson ran unopposed and retained his seat. 

Chattanooga City Council District 2 

Jenny Hill won the Chattanooga City Council District 2 seat with 2,082 votes representing 46% of votes submitted. 

Thomas Lee – Votes: 1,567    Percentage: 34% 

Tim Gorman – Votes: 920    Percentage: 20% 

Chattanooga City Council District 3 

Ken Smith won the Chattanooga City Council District 3 seat with 3,018 votes representing 82% of votes submitted. 

Rachael Torrence – Votes: 684    Percentage: 18% 

Chattanooga City Council District 4 

Darrin Ledford (Incumbent) won the Chattanooga City Council District 4 seat with 2,156 votes representing 75% of votes submitted. 

Bill Lloyd – Votes: 719    Percentage: 25% 

Chattanooga City Council District 5 

Dennis Clark won the Chattanooga City Council District 5 seat with 1,110 votes representing 35% of votes submitted. 

Isiah Hester – Votes: 986    Percentage: 31% 

Cynthia Stanley-Cash – Votes: 583    Percentage: 19% 

Leanne Jones – Votes: 268    Percentage: 9% 

Alan Holman – Votes: 196    Percentage: 6% 

Chattanooga City Council District 6 

Council Member Carol Berz ran unopposed and retained her seat. 

Chattanooga City Council District 7 

Raquetta Dotley won the Chattanooga City Council District 7 seat with 1,333 votes representing 56% of votes submitted. 

Ken Hays – Votes: 1,037    Percentage: 44% 

Chattanooga City Council District 8 

Anthony Byrd (Incumbent) won the Chattanooga City Council District 8 seat with 1,023 votes representing 54% of votes submitted. 

Marie Mott -Votes: 650 Percentage: 35% 

D’Andre Anderson -Votes: 206    Percentage: 11% 

Chattanooga City Council District 9 

Demetrus Coonrod (Incumbent) won the Chattanooga City Council District 9 seat with 1,929 votes representing 69% of votes submitted. 

Kelvin Scott -Votes: 849    Percentage: 31% 


According to the Hamilton County Election Commission’s Early Voting and Absentee Turnout Report, 10,260 votes were cast in Early Voting and 2,111 votes were cast by Absentee. 

Mayor and Council receive their oath of office and their new terms begin on the first Monday after the second Tuesday of April.   

Also, in April of each year, the Council also elects a Chair and Vice-Chair.    

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