Chattanooga Online Musical Showcase And Competition Launches

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Published: January 11, 2021

Chattanooga, TN –  A new online venue for Chattanooga area musical artists and writers to meet and compete has launched out of necessity from the restrictions and loss associated with the Pandemic. 

Dubbed “Chattown Stages,” the website and Facebook page aims to provide Chattanooga artists a space where they may do more than just barely survive the crises, but thrive.  

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Chatt Town’s website states that, “Nothing can replace the intimate experience between artist and audience that was so incredible at the Camp House, but like much of current life, we are adapting.” 

The Camp House Songwriters Stage was a twice-a-year competition where ‘Chattanooga’s finest’ singers and songwriters could meet on one stage in a series of competitions with two winners from each event: audience vote and judge’s vote. 

The eight winners from the first four events would meet for a finale on the fifth evening.  

In addition to the traditional Songwriters Stage, Chattown Stages also is launching other stages such as the Poets Stage, so that all of our artists may thrive. 

Chattown Stages will be entirely online until successful public gatherings are once again possible. 

In each contest series contestants submit a video to be judged and voted upon. At the end of the open submission period judging and voting determines the first round of eliminations.  

Remaining contestants then submit a second video to be judged for the second round of eliminations, resulting in finalists who compete for the awards packages. 

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The Songwriters Stage events were financed by ticket sales and beverage sales at each event. With this option not available for the online events, each participating artist must contribute to the effort with an entrance fee. 

Chattown Stages is also offering the Artist Sponsor Program

With this program, contestants and sponsors collaborate to promote the sponsor’s business or organization on the contestant’s profile and video.  

Major sponsorships are also available which require significant contributions to the winner’s award packages and financial support for operations. 

Chattown Stages says that, “This contest series is technically a competition, but is truly a showcase for the amazing talent we have in our city (Nashville has nothing on us!).  The Songwriters Stage has been a career launching right of passage for many local artists, and will continue to be so in this new form.” 

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