Hamilton County Commissioner Will Not Be Prosecuted For Questionable Reimbursements

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The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

The Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference will not seek criminal charges against Hamilton County Commissioner Warren Mackey after investigating at least $27,000 worth of questionable charges to Hamilton County.

Elizabeth Dixon, a spokesperson for the conference, sent an email stating, “After a thorough review of the comptroller’s investigative findings, as well as a consideration of the actions of the Hamilton County Commission on May 1, 2024, General Dunavant declined criminal prosecution in this matter and asked the comptroller’s division of investigations to close their file.”

While Mackey was never officially named as the subject of the review, he mentioned the investigation during a county commission meeting on May 1.

He later said, “I would have cooperated fully with any investigation. I’m delighted to hear that there’s not going to be any criminal charges leveled against me.”

During the meeting, Mackey also proposed a resolution that would create minimum requirements for satellite offices, including electricity, heat, air, accessible restrooms, and parking.

The comptroller’s investigation found that Mackey was reimbursed $15,500 for an office that did not have electricity. Mackey acknowledged that he has closed that office but the comptroller’s office said he received reimbursement for June rent on the property.

He also received $5,971 for restaurant charges, $1,349 for 48 storage totes, and $1,368 for cell phone accessories, along with other miscellaneous reimbursements.

Hamilton County policy allows each commissioner a $15,000 discretionary budget that can be used to cover business expenses such as rent and utilities for office space, supplies, and travel. They are also given a salary of $27,202.

In their final report, the comptroller placed blame on the Hamilton County Commission for not properly overseeing how that discretionary budget was used. They also noted that the county finance department did not have the necessary checks in place either.

“County commissioner expenses should be appropriately scrutinized before reimbursements are made,” said Comptroller Mumpower. “All expenses should be in furtherance of the county commissioner’s duties and not wasteful or abusive of taxpayer funds.”

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  • July 10, 2024 at 8:29 pm

    Must be nice to be a black democrat! Get caught just pull the BLM race care!

    • July 12, 2024 at 1:48 pm

      YOU are so right DOUG they are bullet proof, and people are starting, at last to call them on it.


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