Covenant School Shooter’s Writings Can’t Be Released, Tractor Supply Ends Woke Initiatives & More!

$350 Million In Taxpayer Dollars For Sports Stadiums

Perot Family Still Trying To Industrialize TN Farmland

The Covenant Shooter’s Manifesto Most Recent Court Ruling

& 4 More Big Stories on The BIG 7!

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Hamilton County Commissioner Will Not Be Prosecuted For Questionable Reimbursements

The Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference Will Not Seek Criminal Charges Against Hamilton County Commissioner Warren Mackey After Investigating At Least $27,000 Worth Of Questionable Charges To Hamilton County.

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Hamilton County Mayor Withdraws Requests To Use Excess Pandemic Funds For County Projects

County Mayor Weston Wamp Halted His Effort To Get $3 Million In Covid Funds Previously Allotted To The Hamilton County Wastewater Treatment Authority Reallocated For Other County Projects.

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Hamilton County Commission Plans For Legal Action Against Mayor In Wamp-Taylor Dispute

On Wednesday A Resolution Was Passed By The County Commission Telling Attorney John Konvalinka To Take Legal Action Against The County Mayor In The Instance That The Weston Wamp-Rheubin Taylor Dispute Is Not Settled By Today, Friday, November 18th At Noon.

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Hamilton County Mayor Questioned On Usage Of Taxpayer Dollars For Legal Fees To Oust County Attorney

Some Hamilton County Commissioners Showed Concern That Mayor Weston Wamp Has Yet To Return County Attorney Rheubin Taylor’s Computer Or Cell Phone Despite A Commission Resolution Commanding Him To Do So, As He Continues To Rack Up Quite The Bill In Legal Fees Over The Matter.

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Hamilton County Lags Behind On Redistricting Process

Chair Sabrena Smedley Urged The Commissioners Forward By Stating That She Had Been In Contact With The Tennessee State Comptroller’s Office And That Hamilton County Is Behind On The Redistricting Process.

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Hamilton County Commissioners Push For Continuity of Neighborhoods In Redistricting

During The Hamilton County Commission Meeting On September 22, 2021, Concerns Were Raised That The Current Demo Maps Of County Redistricting Do Not Provide For A Continuity Of Neighborhoods.

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Hamilton County Commission Elects New Chair & Chair Pro Tem

During The Hamilton County Commission Meeting Yesterday, September 1st, The Commission Nominated And Voted On The Commissioners To Fill The Roles Of New Chair And Chair Pro Tem.

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Hamilton County Commissioners Debate Funding for Tyner Academy

Students From Tyner Academy Stood Before The Hamilton County Commission Last Week, Demanding A Response To Their Pleas For Much Needed Repairs And Renovations For Their School As The Debate Over Funding Continues.

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