Hamilton County Man Shot After Trying To Ram Police With Vehicle

A Hamilton County Deputy was forced to open fire when a suspect tried to drive his vehicle into deputies on the scene.

According to WRCtv, the Tennessee Bureau Investigation reports one person as injured.

Deputies attempted a simple traffic stop on Ronald Huston in Signal Mountain, but Huston decided to engage in a high-speed chase down Hixson Spring Road.

Huston soon lost control of his vehicle and spun off to the side.

As a deputy exited his own vehicle, Huston drove directly at the deputies gathered at the scene.

The deputies were put in direct danger of losing their lives, with one justifiably discharging his weapon at Huston.

No deputies were harmed, but the suspect was shot and has been transported to the local hospital.

Our deputies put themselves in the line of danger to ensure the safety of the community, and they are forced to make hard decisions in the face of violence.

In general, those that carry a firearm can utilize it if they feel their lives are in immediate danger. This is widely recognized as a form of self-defense.

It is important that members of the community respect their police force. No one wants their life to be threatened, and deputies do not want to put your life in danger either.

Amidst a wide-spread movement to defund the police, this event reminds us that force can be the only option for a deputy put in direct danger. Those that serve in the various police forces do so to prevent that danger from arriving at your doorstep.

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