Hundreds Of Chattanooga Residents Still Without Cell Service Sunday Due To Christmas Explosion

Will service be back completely as the business week begins?

Chattanooga, TN – As of Sunday, some Chattanooga residents were still left without cellphone service due to the Nashville explosion.

When the AT&T building was hit by the blast, communications were disrupted for parts of Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky.

Hundreds in the Chattanooga area lost service and have been unable to contact their family by cellphone since Christmas morning.

The Nashville Fire Department Chief expressed confidence that full communications capacity would be back by the end of Sunday.

On Sunday Afternoon, AT&T wrote “More than 75% of mobility sites affected by the explosion on Friday have now been restored and we expect additional improvements as more equipment comes back online.”

Many were still reporting to News Channel 9 on Sunday that they struggled to communicate and work.

Some delivery drivers were unable to make their delivery routes, and families were printing off driving directions without their GPS.

With confidence from the AT&T CEO and Nashville Fire Department that communications would be completely up and running by the end of Sunday, we expect just that.

It is not clear if there has been any progress in service restoration since the last released AT&T statement, but it’s likely that service issues for Chattanooga will have ceased today.

Other impacted Chattanooga services were:

  • Tennessee child abuse hotline (telephone lines only; web referrals remain operational)
  • TennCare Connect
  • Drivers’ license services
  • Adult protective services
  • Animal Diagnostic Laboratory services at Ellington Agricultural Center
  • Telephone services for applying for certain programs for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities

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