The Christmas Season, The Upcoming Legislative Session And Fielding Conservative Candidates

It Has Been Some Time Since I’ve Written To You – And Frankly I Feel Guilty About It. So, Here, In Brief, Is What’s On My Mind… #1 – The Upcoming Legislative Session #2 – Fielding Conservative Candidates #3 – The Christmas Season #4 – Our Year End Campaign #5 – “Wasting” Time #6 – Getting Back At It. God Bless You All And Merry Christmas!

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2020 Nashville Christmas Bombing Led To Redundancies For 911 Network

On Friday, December 25th, 2020, A Bombing On Nashville’s Second Avenue Wrecked Critical Infrastructure Inside The AT&T Facility Leading To Days And Weeks Of No Cell Service Or Wifi For Customers Hundreds Of Miles In All Directions Including Some Time Without 911 Service. However, Due To The Event, Nashville Has Implemented A Three-Pronged Approach To Create New Redundancies Into The Region’s Emergency Communications.

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Awaiting The Dawn (Op-Ed)

It Is Easy To Forget That We Americans Have Been In Darker Places Than This Before, And Through Determination, Grit, Our Common Bonds And Most Of All, Divine Providence, We Have Emerged From That Dark Tunnel And Found New Strength To Carry On.

We Are Less Than A Week From Christmas—A Time Of Hope And Rebirth In The Christian Church As The Promise Of A Redeemer Is Realized. It Is Perhaps Not Coincidental That Christmas Occurs In Concert With The Winter Solstice In The Northern Hemisphere—A Time Of Maximum Night Before The Sun Begins To Reclaim More Of Each Day.

In This Season Of Darkness, Let Us Not Despair In The News Of The Day. Rather, Let Us Together Work To Change Our Future, To Push Back And Reassert Our Birthright As Free Americans, But Most Of All, Believe That The Dawn Will Come.

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Christian “Trash,” Christmas Treasure (Op-Ed)

There Is And Always Will Be “Herod The Greats,” Prideful People And Rulers, Propaganda Peddlers And Politicians, And Entities That Reject And Are Antagonistically Hostile To The Deity And Sovereignty Of Christ, But May This Season Be A Reminder That, Even In The Growing Anti-Christian Movement That Is Befalling This Nation, Jesus The Christ, The Messiah, Is Greater.

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