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  • September 28, 2023 at 5:16 pm

    We urge immediate attention and action on this matter. Together, we can rectify an injustice and protect the constitutional rights of all Americans.
    David Sarti, a resident of Tennessee, finds himself in a protracted battle against a system that appears to have forgotten the principles of justice and due process. Despite a lack of formal adjudication as mentally defective, Sarti’s Second Amendment rights have been stripped away, and the State’s persistence in this matter raises serious questions about its commitment to uphold the laws.

    According to Tennessee Code Annotated 33-6-1003, orders related to mental health evaluations should not persist beyond a maximum of two years. This means Sarti’s record should have been cleared in 2012. Nevertheless, his plea to have his rights reinstated and records corrected has fallen on deaf ears. Instead, David has faced intimidation tactics with claims from the Attorney General’s office that they would “bury” his legal team in paperwork and appeals, ensuring he never regains his rights.

    Such a stance by the Attorney General’s office not only undermines the very fabric of the judicial system but also denies David Sarti the opportunity for a fair fight. With state-funded persecution pitted against an individual citizen’s resources, the imbalance of power is palpable.

    This issue transcends David Sarti’s individual case. It highlights the urgent need for transparency, fairness, and justice in Tennessee’s legal system. How can any citizen trust a system that allows for such apparent bias and misuse of power?

    We implore members of the media, legal professionals, and the public to scrutinize this matter. Together, we can shed light on these discrepancies, holding the State accountable and ensuring that justice prevails.

    For more detailed information or interviews, please contact David Sarti 423-401-3580

    It’s crucial that David Sarti’s plight is not ignored. Our collective voice can bring about the change necessary to correct this injustice and ensure it doesn’t happen to another innocent citizen.


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