Lewis & Powell Talk Small Business, Family & the 2020 Election

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Brandon Lewis, founder of The Tennessee Conservative, and Podcaster Clint Powell talk about small business, family and today’s crazy political climate.

Over the past 3 decades Clint Powell has worn many hats. Small business owner, sales rep, sales manager, and marketing/business consultant. He now hosts a radio show and several podcasts.

He brings the lessons learned through the successes and failures to his conversations. His media platforms give people and businesses a chance to share their story. Plus – his programs entertain along the way.  He also works as a consultant with small businesses and individuals’ sales agents to develop their story and grow their brand.

Success is all about story telling. Clint built and sold a successful billboard company to Lamar outdoor, owned a commercial cleaning company which he sold to his partner, and owned an advertising/marketing company placing over $500,000 a year annually in local/regional media.

He loves connecting people and businesses to solutions and other people and businesses. 3 things will help you be successful: knowing your story and how to tell it – having authentic conversations – connecting with others!

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