New Building Project Launches In East Ridge

Published January 15, 2021

East Ridge, TN – On Wednesday, East Ridge launched their newest building project, a TownPlace Suites by Marriott. This is just part of the city’s newest rise in developments. The hotel, which is being built by local Dynamic Group, will have 88 rooms and cost $12.5 million to construct. It’s on track to open its doors during the first few months of 2022.

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The four-story hotel will be built near Camp Jordan and Interstate 75. The developers of the project were able to take advantage of East Ridge’s Border Region Retail Development District state sales tax incentive.

Mayor Brian Williams says the newest hotel is just one of the projects that are able to benefit from the tax incentive. There are several other projects underway that are being funded, at least in part, by the incentive.

There is a designated district in East Ridge, and a portion of state sales tax that comes from that district can be used to fund future projects and needed infrastructure.

Mayor Williams mentioned a few of the other projects including, a DosBros and Dairy Queen at Jordan Crossing. There are other retailers, both large and small, who have begun to look at East Ridge for future project sites.

Dynamic Group’s president, Roshan Amin, said that the sales tax breaks in the city are helping with the TownPlace project. Amin said, “We’ve got a development agreement with the city for incentives.”

Dynamic Group is also hoping to put more hotels in surrounding areas, such as Chattanooga and Hixson. They are currently talking with a few restaurant companies in hopes of getting some built near the TownPlace site.

Amin said, “We ended up with two restaurant pads we’ll be able to sell or lease. We’re talking to a few companies.”

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There is currently a $10 million project being built in East Ridge for the new Southern Honda Powersports dealership site.

Tim Kelly, a Chattanooga businessman and mayoral candidate, will be moving the business from where it is housed currently, on Workman Road.

Kelly said being near I-75 should help with business and attract more customers. “It should allow us to have a much more retail-friendly location.”

Pandora’s European Motorsports in Chattanooga made an announcement last month that they would be moving to a new location in East Ridge in order to take advantage of the tax incentive. They will be across the road from the new Honda site.

Mayor Williams had also mentioned the largest new development that East Ridge has ever seen. The development was proposed by Chattanooga Red Wolves owner Bob Martino. Last year, Martino was behind the $6 million Stadium for the soccer club.

Martino’s plan would see 400 apartment and condo units, 375 hotel rooms, and 475,000 square feet of commercial space built in East Ridge. If everything were to go according to plan, the entire thing would cost around $125 million. It would also provide around 1,200 jobs.

The city of East Ridge has already approved the incentives that Martino would receive for his projects.

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