New Poll Finds That To Keep Communities Safe, Tennessee Voters Want To Remove Dangerous People, Not Guns

First-ever survey of the real implications of Red Flag Laws in the Volunteer State.

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Press Release –

According to data from a statewide survey conducted by co/efficient, a  national public opinion research firm, Tennessee voters want threatening individuals removed  from the community rather than just taking their guns with Red Flag Laws. 

“Co/efficient’s statewide survey affirms an overwhelming majority of Tennessee voters want  threatening individuals removed from the home rather than enact proposed Red Flag Laws that  allow for the confiscation of firearms but leave dangerous people in the community,” said Ryan Munce, co/efficient President. “According to the poll, most Tennessee voters attribute the  increase in school shootings over the last three decades to moral decline, family instability, and  risky behavior – not gun ownership, which is a clear indication that Tennessee voters believe an  individual is responsible for their own actions.” 

To keep their community safe, 84% of voters say a dangerous individual should be removed  from the community rather than taking their guns.

Prior to an informed ballot, voters show initial support for Red Flag Laws, with 62% in favor of the measure, including 57% of Republicans. However, support rapidly drops by 21 points, a full 1/3, after voters are informed that such laws leave dangerous people in the community and  violate due process rights, with 49% reporting being less likely to support the measure,  including 1-in-3 Democrats. 

77% of Tennesseans largely support recently passed legislation that puts police officers in  schools and a large majority believe enforcing the current laws on the books is an effective  solution to keeping their families, communities, and state safe. 

This survey comprised 1,770 likely general election voters and was conducted between May 30  through June 1, 2023, using mobile text responses and landline phone interviews. The survey is  balanced by age, gender, education level, race, geography, and party affiliation of the true  voting population and has a margin of error of +/- 3.07%.

2 thoughts on “New Poll Finds That To Keep Communities Safe, Tennessee Voters Want To Remove Dangerous People, Not Guns

  • June 9, 2023 at 5:22 pm

    Maybe open season on thugs?
    And definitely re-open asylums.

  • June 11, 2023 at 12:39 pm

    THIS just shows you how KNEE JERK reaction to shootings, never fair well for GUN OWNERS .


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