Secret Service: 70,000 People In And Around Rome, GA Trump Rally

Rome, GA – President Donald Trump made history in NW Georgia Sunday night when he made the day’s 4th campaign stop in Rome.

The Tennessee Conservative was on the scene of the rally, and we were told by a Trump campaign operative that shuttle service had to stop hours before the President’s arrival.

“That’s the last bus. Secret Service says there are 70,000 people here trying to get into the rally”, the operative told us.

Attendees were parking at Mount Berry Mall to be transported 3 miles to the rally.

No, we did not get inside of the rally. However, we took to a field outside of the airport where thousands of people had set up for the evening.

Supporters were driving up and down the airport road, playing the rally live on their radios and flying their patriotic flags for all to see.

Hoards of supporters continued to flood the outskirts of the airport just to get within earshot of the event.

As we approached the airport fences, we could hear Rep. Vernon Jones loud and clear as he warmed up the rally for President Trump. Rep. Jones did not crowd surf this time.

Supporters continued to show up just to be in the same vicinity as the President even as the rally was ending.

A couple emerged from the woods behind us and said they had walked through trees and brush for 20 minutes just to try and hear the rally from afar.

We asked them why they support President Trump, and almost at the same time they both said “jobs”.

The husband went on to say “It’s amazing. Trump gets it. He’s going to have this country booming, and Jr. is going to be president next after him.”

A high schooler that just turned 18 turned to us and said, “I wish I could vote for Trump 5 more times”.

Dan Scavino, The President’s longest-serving aid, wrote on twitter that over 30,000 people made it inside of the rally.

Many supporters were told by Trump campaign staff that 35,000 people were inside the rally, and 35,000 tried to get in or showed up on the outskirts of the airport to listen.

After the 8:30pm Rome rally concluded, President Trump took off to Miami, FL for his 5th and last rally of the day.

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