Stephen Hatchett Announces Campaign For District Attorney For 10th Judicial District

Stephen Hatchett Press Release:

With the support of my family and friends I have decided to seek the Republican nomination for District Attorney General in the May 3rd Republican Primary for the 10th Judicial District which includes Bradley, McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties. I do not come to this decision lightly. Quite frankly, I would have preferred there to be no reason for my returning to the political arena at all. Unfortunately, the headlines over the last eight years make it impossible for me to stay on the sidelines.

I am running for District Attorney General to restore trust.  Trust from the people that justice will be done without regard to anything other than what the law and the facts require.  Trust from our dedicated law enforcement officers that their hard work will not be wasted by mismanaged and botched prosecution of cases. Trust from the Court Clerks that delays and inefficiency will no longer require them and their overworked staff to be in court until late into the evening. Trust from every single person that interacts with the criminal justice system in the 10th Judicial District that justice for all is not just some saying carved into stone but reality.

I am running because I am qualified. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology. My entire professional career has been focused on dealing with crime. I went to the University of Tennessee College of Law for the sole purpose of being a prosecutor and my coursework was geared to trying criminal cases in front of a jury.

I am running because I want my family and your family to live in a safe District. With safe streets, safe schools, and safe neighborhoods. That starts with the District Attorney General.  If you look around, do you feel safer now than you did 8 years ago?  I think we all know the answer to that question. I humbly ask for your help, your support, and your vote.

I pledge to you this:
1. I will always protect your constitutional rights and freedoms, I will never enforce or threaten to enforce unconstitutional laws or executive orders as District Attorney.
2. I will never embarrass you.
3. I will work as hard as I can for you.
4. I will not have any other work that distracts me from serving you.  The taxpayers pay the District Attorney General over $14,000 a month and keeping you safe will be my full-time job.
5. My office will be focused on policy and results that make you and your families safer. Not making headlines and playing politics. 

I would truly appreciate your support in the Republican Primary on May 3rd.  Together we can make the 10th Judicial District a safer place.

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