Local GOP Groups Disagree With RINO Vote Allowing Democrats To Vote In GOP Primaries

The Tennessee House Local Government Committee Has Now Killed Multiple Bills This Legislative Session That Would Have Ensured Party Election Integrity For Their Constituents And The State Of Tennessee As A Whole. So Began The Tennessee Conservative’s Mission To Find Out What Exactly Republican Constituents Had To Say About Closing The State’s Primaries.

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Bill To Close Tennessee Primaries And Stop Crossover Voting Fails In Committee (Update 3.9.23)

A Bill Giving The General Assembly A Second Chance This Legislative Session To Heed The Will Of Tennessee Voters Regarding Closing The State’s Primaries Failed In The House Local Government Committee Yesterday.

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The Teacher Union’s Curse, Gender Politics, School Choice Stalled, Parent’s Rights & More! – TennCon’s Big 7

1) 9 Of 10 House Republican Candidates Supported By The TN Education Association Lost The Primary
2) Only Two TN Counties Record More Than 50% Voter Turnout In Most Recent Election
Bonus: Tennessee Elects 37 New County Mayors / Executives
3) TN School Teachers Being Trained To Use Preferred Pronouns Of Students Due To Proposed Title IX Changes
4) Elite Nashville All-Girls School Enacts New Gender Diversity Policy To Admit Boys Who Identify As Girls
5) State Stalls On Approval Of Families For School Voucher Program
6) Family Values Organization Shares Back To School Checklist For Parents
7) Jefferson County Commission Calls on General Assembly to Give School Districts the Option of Elected School Superintendents

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Encouragement, 2 Rainbows, Elections & “Little” Jimmy Dickens – Brandon’s Brain

It Can Be A Drag Reporting The Truth About Tennessee Culture And Politics. Hey, I Don’t Make The News. I Just Report It. Still, Being In Conflict, Unceasing Conflict – Can Wear You Out. When You Spend Your Time Telling The Truth About Things While People In Power Would Rather Not Have Anyone Know, It’s Conflict. Very Often, I See Only Small Glimmers Of Hope For Liberty, Freedom And Conservatism In Our State. It Seems Like The Bureaucrats, Left-Leaning Corporations And RINOs Will Have Their Way. Then, Out Of The Blue, I Get Encouragement…

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Less Than A Quarter Of Registered Voters Will Likely Decide Races In Today’s Election

According To The Secretary Of State’s Website, Just 11% Of Registered Tennessee Voters Have Voted Early Or Absentee So Far In Today’s Election; 132,720 Fewer Voters Than This Time Two Years Ago. Out Of The 4,210,456 Registered Voters In The State Only 477,873 Have Already Voted.

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Tennessee Education Association Pushes Crossover Raiding By Democrat Voters Supporting Incumbent Rep. Ramsey

The Tennessee Education Association (TEA) Has Sent Out A Mailer Supporting Republican Representative Bob Ramsey (District 20 – Maryville) To Voters Alerting Them That They Can Vote In The Republican Primary Election, Regardless Of Political Affiliation.

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25 Political Endorsements for REAL Conservatives in TN, Election Lies, Teachers’ Union, RINOs Fighting Against School Choice, & More!

• 25 Political Endorsements For REAL Conservatives In Tennessee

• PAC Sends Deceptive Mailer Targeting Conservative Candidate Running Against GOP Incumbent

• Tennessee Education Association Encourages Crossover Raiding By Democrat Voters Supporting Incumbent Senator Briggs

• House Education Committee Chair To Use Influence To Block Charter Schools In General Assembly

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Conservative Super PAC Claims Two TN-5 Candidates “Too Liberal For Tennessee”

School Freedom Fund, A Conservative Super PAC Based In Washington, D.C., Sent Out Mailers This Week To Residents In The TN-5 Congressional District Claiming That Two Of The Candidates Running In That Race Are “Too Liberal For Tennessee.”

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