Sullivan County Schools Advertising To Try And Sway Students To Enroll

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The Tennessee Conservative [By Jason Vaughn] –

Sullivan County Schools have found themselves trying to recruit new students after a drop of enrollment totaling 540 students during this school year.

A recent state report showed the decrease in enrollment, based on average daily attendance numbers for the 2021-2022 school year. Those numbers are used to calculate the amount of state funding a school system receives and the amount of local revenue that is split with the school system.

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Members of the Sullivan County Financial Management Committee met last Friday to discuss the change. A chart presented to them showed an average daily attendance number of 9,755 for this current school year, down from last year’s average of 10,295.

The decline across the system represents about 1.42% of students. This drop could result in a loss of about $500,000 of funding. However, the school system already brings in about $2.48 million more than they currently budget for expenses, so they are not anticipating any financial issues. They expect additional revenue from an increase in local sales taxes to offset the loss.


According to Evelyn Rafalowski, Sullivan County Director of Schools, the school board is expected to call a meeting to speed up the process of completing the system’s final budget. 

Committee members asked Rafalowski if she knew why the system had lost so many students.

Rafalowski responded that they knew of 390 students who were being homeschooled or learning virtually through a program that was not under the umbrella of Sullivan County Schools.

She did note that the system had recently contacted those families by mail in an attempt to get them to return to the school system. They are also utilizing billboards and other marketing materials to advertise the system’s benefits.

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2 thoughts on “Sullivan County Schools Advertising To Try And Sway Students To Enroll

  • May 17, 2022 at 6:23 pm

    Is Sullivan a conservative county?

  • May 20, 2022 at 12:21 pm

    Public School Systems are nothing more than Communist Indoctrination Centers spewing forth the incredibly stupid ” Woke ” agenda . We are already seeing the results of the dumbing down of kids in the Public School System of past years . Students aren’t being taught reading , writing and arithmetic as they used to ; and I’m not even getting into the subject of important historical events and learning about the Constitution . I taught a history class back in 1988 and nearly half the students could hardly read and write in proper English grammar . College Seniors gave me papers written like they were 3rd graders . This lack of education is not something recent people . This was evident to me back in 1988 when I taught college students so don’t think hat most parents today even have the where with all to determine just how far our education systems have fallen. Have you seen the Millennials at work today , or the ones that will even work ? It’s truly sad how far our once free country has fallen . Until the Teachers Unions have their power to indoctrinate students into Communism they shouldn’t even be subsidized by their respective local governments at all . If my kids were in school today they wouldn’t be subjected to the ” woke communist agenda ” of the left either . I hope and pray that parents apparently are beginning to realize the mistake they would make of subjecting our children to these so called schools in the public sector . This is a good thing that people are taking children out of the school system . Notice they aren’t concerned about teaching them anything it’s ALL ABOUT the loss of $500, 000 funding .


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