Tennesseans Want Freedom Of Choice [ Interview with Representative Mark Hall ]

In this interview with Mark Hall, representative of District 24, we discuss the concerns of Hall’s constituents and his take on government mandates imposed on businesses.

As a member of the Health Committee and Subcommittee, Hall also offers his take on why the Tennessee legislature has focused so heavily on the COVID vaccine and left discussions regarding natural immunity by the wayside.

He also touches on the influence medical lobbies and big pharm has had on the legislature and the responsibilities that legislators have to their constituents.

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The Tennessee Conservative News Break April 5, 2021

1) Tennessee’s RINO County Mayors Continue with Mask Mandates
2) Rape Survivors Protection Act Passes Advances in the House
3) Pharma Lobby Fights Dems Proposal On Vaccine Access And Drug Pricing
4) Amazon Clashes With Democratic Lawmakers Bankrolled By Its Own Employees

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Pharma Lobby Fights Dem Proposals On Vaccine Access And Drug Pricing

Drugmakers Are Enjoying Renewed Clout In Washington For Their Rapid Development Of COVID-19 Vaccines, But They’re Set To Clash With Democrats Over Proposals That Would Hurt The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Profits.

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Rep. Robin Smith, Lobbyists & 6 Republicans Kill Religious Objections Bill

House Bill 10, A Law Protecting Religious Objections To Compulsory Vaccination Or Medical Procedures In Employment And Other Situations, Died In A House Subcommittee On Tuesday.

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