The RFK And Rogan Result (Op-Ed)

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By Danielle Goodrich [Tri-Cities Area Director of Tennessee Stands] –

My newsfeed right now is inundated with RFK Jr. and Joe Rogan and the recent podcast.

And the resulting Rogan call for Dr. Peter Hotez renowned Pharma shill to debate RFK Jr. 

I am RFK’s audience. I have been following his organization Children’s Health Defense since before COVID. He has a wonderful organization and I know a lot of good people who work with Children’s Health Defense.  He understands how Big corporations have worked with Big government against the freedom of the people.

A lot of us realized before COVID that the CDC wasn’t regulating the Pharmaceutical industry.

Typically we the consumer help regulate an industry via liability and consumer experience. If a product harms enough of us we sue, and they have to come up with a better safer product or they go out of business. 

We also help regulate via consumer ratings. If the product carries a low consumer rating, if consumer concerns haven’t been answered, then the product must be revamped and those questions must be answered.

This is the case for most industries, for most products, but not for vaccines. Vaccines are free from liability as it’s paid with an excise tax manufacturers don’t feel in a way which would incentivize a safe product. Add to that, all consumer concern has been vilified as “anti” or “conspiracy theory.”

RFK Jr. and other voices like Del Bigtree’s “The Highwire” realized these issues and more with this industry, and bravely sought to shed light on them before it was popular. The silver lining of COVID was that the vaccine issue was brought to the forefront and the conversations were happening whether Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big government liked it or not. 

Now with Joe Rogan’s podcast having millions more listeners than Tucker Carlson, Fox News and CNN. Rogan has emerged as one of the most influential figures in the media and he is ready to take on this topic on his platform. 

A lot of us “Truthers” could have only dreamed of such a vehicle willing to expose the increasingly more intrusive Federal government and their corrupted regulatory agencies a few years ago.

However, some of us during COVID went further in trying to understand the tyranny of what was happening between government and Pharma. We tried to understand what the end goal was. 

As it turns out “take control of healthcare, control the people” is the first step to communism. 

Health permeates every aspect of our lives. Therefore it allows governments to indoctrinate the masses using collectivism. Collectivism asks the people to surrender individual rights for the supposed betterment of the collective. But the collective doesn’t have rights. Individuals do. And a collective of individuals without rights is modern forms of collectivism; Marxism, Fascism, Socialism, Communism, Nazism. 

Where just like COVID, government experts make decisions for the collective. Instead of individuals making decisions for themselves. 

An individual may say this doctor offers a better result.  What they are doing kept me out of the hospital. Government says don’t listen to them. Listen only to government experts regurgitating the approved narrative and products.

As Rogan pointed out in the interview, he was ridiculed for using ivermectin. Because the government/Pharma narrative against the cheap drug was that it’s horse medicine.  The truth was brought out in Tennessee. And our freedom doctors like Dr. Sibley got it over the counter. Which resulted in the government experts going after her board certification. 

How communist. 

I personally try to steer clear of all Pharmaceuticals as they don’t deliver health, they deliver lifelong customers and prescription subscriptions. But I understand not everyone is like me. That is what’s great about living in a free country and getting to choose for ourselves. Health isn’t one sized fits all. And we should have the right to choose for ourselves. But during COVID we saw the dangers of a collectivist healthcare being used to infringe on that choice. 

Typically you have the left saying Big Corporations are the problem.

You have the right saying Big Government is the problem.

But then you have the liberty-minded saying that Big government and Big corporations are the problem. Which RFK is doing. 

The trouble is the solution RFK is selling, leads to the same place wokeism leads. It leads to socialism. 

At the end of the Rogan podcast RFK discusses how much money the Federal government is giving to the regulatory agencies and to Ukraine. 

He says we have people here at home that could benefit from that money. That it could go to helping build back the middle class. And help decrease poverty levels here at home. 

The government has no money to give. It is the money of the people it has taken more and more from to grow their authority.  Colonists dumped tea because of 3% taxes. And here we are with payroll tax, sales and income tax, individual income tax, property tax, excise tax, corporate income tax etc. 

You don’t fix the issue of the Federal government growing outside their delegated authority merely by redistributing the funds elsewhere. 

The Federal government was only delegated authority over what is in Article 1 Section 8. Everything else defers to the 9th and 10th, the states and the people. 

The “give money to the poor” is the same philosophy Marxists offer. That wokeism leads to. 

It is the promise of equity. The “E” from DEI. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Which in policy is wealth redistribution. Which historically leads to communism.

North Korea promised equity. Landowners had to give up their land and then everyone would have equity. Instead landowners were murdered, followed by Christians, followed by counter-revolutionaires. The result was non-repressive order. Everyone is equally oppressed. Communism. 

Mao promised equity. He told students and young people that their parents were oppressing them with traditional values. So young people murdered men in ties and women in pearls. Anyone representing the traditional values. The 4 Olds Mao called them. And they got equity. Non-repressive order. Communism. 

Every time throughout history equity is called for. Be it in class like in the instances above. Or be it through gender, sexual orientation, race etc., equity results in wealth redistribution which results in communism. Private property which was earned, is taken away. And the people own nothing. 

“They will own nothing and be happy.” The WEF took a lot of flack for this statement, because it ultimately is communism. 

To this day landowners are seen as a lower caste in North Korea. And communists are the higher caste. Showing that as long as you fall in line with the government narrative you will be taken care of. As long as you surrender your freedom and you are obedient to the government, as long as you play along in their social credit system, you won’t lose your minimum allotments. Give up your liberty for the promise of safety. But you won’t be free. You might be subject to being locked in your apartment to starve or if you are caught praying in China you may be taken away and used for your organs. 

Your rights are not God-given in these systems. They are government granted. Government taken away. The highest authority is the government. And if they need your organs for the “greater good”, they get them. 

In CA what is happening instead of class reparations is we have race reparations. Where based on race, governments are calling for wealth redistribution. White people just because they are white need to pay black people just because they are black for slavery despite neither of them ever owning or being slaves. It is Marxism. It is equity. It is wealth redistribution. And it leads to communism. 

RFK has all of the problems correct. Big government is a problem. Big corporations are a problem. Them working together against liberty is a problem. Dismantling is the correct solution. But not just dismantling of the regulatory agencies. Dismantle them forever and give the responsibility to the states. Dismantle the Federal government and the authority they took which wasn’t delegated to them via the Constitution. 

But merely taking the money from the regulatory agencies and giving it to the people so that there is equity is not the solution. 

That is just more appealing socialism.

RFK doesn’t say Constitutional Republic when referring to our Country which is in fact a Constitutional Republic. Instead he says Democracy over and over. While he applauds past Presidents like FDR who through his New Deal walked us a step closer to socialism. And helped to grow the Federal government unconstitutionally. 

FDR looked to centralize instead of decentralize. Our founding fathers wanted the power in the hands of the States and the People to ensure that the power was never consolidated to the Federal Government allowing them to rule like kings. They wanted choice. If one state goes off the rails you have other states to choose from. 

Allowing “experts” to make decisions for the people instead of the people making decisions for themselves via free market capitalism is socialism on its way to communism. The free market, consumer choices, deregulation, where the people get to choose who they do business with based off of who delivers the best service, product outcome is a system that ensures freedom. 

But the government has become too powerful through over regulation. Which inhibits the free market and allows for the system of experts.

Their regulation is why it is broken. It isn’t that capitalism doesn’t work. It is that over regulated capitalism is too captured and not free. It’s a socialism hybrid. 

RFK speaks against the system of experts. But that is what a system of equity leads to. A system of Democratic Socialism leads to. As it takes the decisions out of the hands of the people and gives them to government experts. Sure he may put better experts in there. But ultimately the best regulator is the free market. Is consumer choice. 

He is right that the regulatory agencies are a problem. He is wrong that Big government is the way to solve the problems of Big government. 

He is wrong that Democratic socialism is the answer. Looking to the government to ensure there is no poverty, which was what he ended his Rogan podcast on. Is socialism. Is wealth redistribution. Which is centralization. And in the same direction the globalists want us to go. 

America, the land of the free home of the brave instead of equity and wealth redistribution, offers equal opportunity. If you work hard, you can achieve the American dream. You won’t be given someone else’s money. You will be able to  work to make your own. 

The government getting out of the way and letting the free market decide. Let the consumer decide is the system that needs to be reinstated.

Right now thanks to Federal involvement we have government education that doesn’t educate, it teaches Marxism. It teaches what Rockefeller wanted, which is to have workers not thinkers. 

Due to government involvement we have healthcare that doesn’t provide health; it provides collectivism where you must surrender your individual rights for the betterment of the collective. Well the individual is the smallest minority. And a collection of individuals without rights is a system without rights. 

We have all these captured systems set up to ensure the trajectory of socialism. 

Such as the DEI and ESG ratings only given to companies that promote Marxism in the guise of Equity and Diversity. Holding their lines of credit hostage unless they comply with the Marxist oppressor/oppressed narrative. 

It is a social credit system much like China’s system for their people, but set up for US companies. We saw via COVID how the Federal government over-regulating corporations leads to the government over-regulating people through corporations. 

The solution isn’t bigger government, it is to get back to the Constitution as it was intended. It is to get back to our Constitutional Republic as it was intended.


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  • June 26, 2023 at 4:59 pm

    Thank you to Danielle Goodrich and TCN for this article.
    We need more articles like this.

  • June 26, 2023 at 8:36 pm

    Absolutely. Well stated, Danielle!

  • June 26, 2023 at 9:40 pm

    WELL said!!
    Now, how to get our REPUBLIC back?


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