98% Say Corporate Lobbyist Wife Conflict Of Interest For State Senator, GOP Rep Stomps On 2nd Amendment Rights & Much More In The BIG 7!

98% Say Corporate Lobbyist Wife Conflict Of Interest For Sen Bo Watson

GOP Rep Jason Zachary Stomps On 2nd Amendment Rights

GOP Chair Gary Hicks Kills Death Penalty Bill For Child Rapists

16 GOP Senators Pushed Covid Jab – Were They Right?

& Much More In The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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Zachary’s Red Flag Gun Law Passes House Committee By Voice Vote Led By Chairman Bryan Terry, Heads To House Floor

A Tennessee Bill That Expands Current State Law Requiring Mental Health Professionals To Report The Possibility Of Potentially Violent Acts By Their Patients Passed By Another Voice Vote, This Time In The Full House Health Committee Led By Chairman Bryan Terry.

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Tennessee GOP State Rep Wants To Return Medicaid Expansion Authority To Governor

Outgoing Republican Rep. Sam Whitson Is Mulling A Reversal Of State Law Requiring The Governor To Gain Approval From The Tennessee Legislature Before Expanding Medicaid.

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Legislators Making Plans To Push For Legalization Of Cannabis In Upcoming Session

Recent Changes To Federal Laws Regarding Medical Marijuana Has Many Wondering If Tennessee Is On The Cusp Of Finally Fully Legalizing Medical Use Of The Drug. Currently, Tennessee Is One Of Only 13 States That Still Have Yet To Completely Legalize Cannabis For Medical Purposes.

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Bill To Sneak In Vaccinations Without Parental Consent Taken Off Notice

In The Last Scheduled Meeting This Session For The House Health Committee, A Caption Bill That Was Snuck In Under The Radar With An Amendment To Push The HPV Vaccine For Minors Was Taken Off Notice By The Bill Sponsor.

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Medical Marijuana Moves Forward in TN After Compromise

Tennessee State Legislators Have Come To An Agreement On A Medical Cannabis Decriminalization Bill After A Wider-ranging Bill Just Barely Failed To Pass.

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House Republicans Push Legislation Forward to Protect First Responders

Tennessee House Republicans Push Stringent Bills To Increase Penalties For Those Who Harm First Responders As They Perform Their Official Duties.

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Rep. Robin Smith, Lobbyists & 6 Republicans Kill Religious Objections Bill

House Bill 10, A Law Protecting Religious Objections To Compulsory Vaccination Or Medical Procedures In Employment And Other Situations, Died In A House Subcommittee On Tuesday.

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Tennessee House Bill 10 Religious Exemptions Protection Act – Update & Clarification

Please watch and share this important video where we clear up misinformation about Tennessee House Bill 10 and its reporting so Conservatives can make up their own minds.

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Grassroots Pressure Advances Vaccine Exemption Bill with Minor Amendment

Due To An Astonishing Number Of Phone Calls And Emails From Grassroots Conservatives To Subcommittee Members, House Bill 10 Appears To Be Advancing With Only A Minor Amendment.

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