How A Christian Non-Profit Lost $6 Million In Assets For One Dollar [Interview with John Ballinger]

The National Association of Christian Athletes essentially lost control of their assets and financial ability to remain on mission following a million-dollar deal that was cut between Bryan College and the founders who resigned after sexual abuse allegations that were later substantiated and adjudicated.

The Camp was professionally valued at about $6-7 Million but was sold to Bryan college for $1 dollar.

Now Bryan College wants to charge the organization $10,000 a month in “rent” for an asset it acquired basically for nothing.

In this interview with John Ballinger, who is now the president of the National Association for Christian Athletes (NACA), this unbelievable, unsettling and complex story is untangled and we find out what is next for NACA.

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IRS Denies Christian Nonprofit Tax Exemption, Saying Biblical Values Are Republican

A Christian Group In Texas Has Released Documents Showing The IRS Denied Their Organization’s Application For Tax Exempt Status In Part Because The IRS Says “Bible Teachings Are Typically Affiliated With The [Republican] Party And Candidates.”

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