It’s All About Liberty [Interview with Senator Janice Bowling]

In this interview, Bowling gives us updates on Corporate/Private Vaccine Mandates & Liability, Forced Masking of Children & Students in Government Schools/Colleges, and Separation of Powers.

Bowling also walks us through how many good bills with strong Conservative standing were killed or watered down to the point of being ineffective in the Tennessee Legislature.

Bowling also offers practical advice for Conservatives who want to help claw back the liberties and freedoms that have been taken over the past 18 months.

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Coffee County Mom Pushes For Virtual Learners To Attend Homecoming Dance

A Middle Tennessee Mom Believes Her Freshman Daughter Is Being Treated Unfairly Because, As A Virtual Student, She Is Not Being Allowed To Attend Her High School’s Homecoming Dance.

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Nearly $15 Million in Broadband Accessibility Grants Awarded Across Tennessee

The Tennessee Department Of Economic And Community Development Recently Announced Nearly $15 Million In Grant Money To Help Provide Broadband Access To A Number Of Unserved Residents.

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