Judge Orders Discovery Phase In Social Media Collusion Lawsuit Against Biden Administration

President Joe Biden, Members Of His Administration And Select Social Media Companies Must Turn Over Documents And Answer Questions Within The Next 30 Days During A Discovery Phase Of A Lawsuit Alleging Collusion To Suppress Freedom Of Speech, A Court Ruled.

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Why Does GOP Leadership Let Democrats Vote In Republican Primaries? INTERVIEW With Rep. Tim Rudd

Across Tennessee In Recent Local Elections, Democrats Have Partnered With RINOs To Elect Moderate, Squish Candidates… And GOP Leadership At The State-Level Continues To Allow It.

Tim Rudd, Who Served As An SEC Committeeman For Almost Two Decades And Who Is Currently The State Representative For District 34, Tells Us Exactly Why The Practice Remains In Place Despite His Opposition And Past Attempts To Change It Legislatively.

This Is The Kind Of Illogical, Jaw-Dropping Practice That Leaves Conservatives Disillusioned With The State Of GOP Politics In Tennessee.

However, All Is Not Lost. Tim Tells Us How We Might Change This Self-Defeating Practice In The Upcoming Legislative Session.

Buckle Up. You’ll Want To Hear This…

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AGs Sue Biden Administration For Alleged Collusion With Social Media Giants To Censor Speech

As States Push Back Against Department Of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ Plan To Combat “Disinformation,” Two Attorneys General Sued Him, President Joe Biden, And Other Top Officials Over Claims They Colluded With Social Media Companies To Censor Speech.

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Republicans Increase Transparency, Oversight Of Refugee & Unaccompanied Minor Re-settlements In Tennessee

The House Chamber Advanced And Approved A Series Of Bills Last Week That Will Bring More Transparency And Oversight To Refugee And Unaccompanied Minor Re-Settlements In Tennessee.

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Bill To Establish Verifiable Paper Trail For TN Ballots Fails In House Subcommittee (Update 3/24/22)

A Bill Aimed At Reestablishing Trust In Tennessee Elections Was Debated In The House Elections And Campaign Finance Subcommittee On March 16th And Failed In A 7-0 Vote Due To Concerns About Perceived Implementation Costs.

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Senate Committee To Vote On Bill To Stop Illegal Aliens From Voting In TN (Update 3/23/22)

Update 3.23.22 – The Senate version of the bill (SB2245) passed the Senate State and Local Government Committee on 3.22.22 with only Democrats voting against. The bill now heads to the Calendar Committee to be scheduled to be heard on the Senate floor.

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3 Bills Aimed At Establishing Trust In TN Election Results To Be Considered In Legislature

Three Bills That Seek To Help Ensure Election Integrity In Tennessee Are Slated To Be Heard In A Senate Committee, A House Subcommittee And On The House Floor Next Week.

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Williamson County Election Problems Remain That Officials Refuse To Address

A Williamson County Election Integrity Citizens Group Has Come Forward With Confirmations Of Serious Issues From The October 26, 2021 And November 3, 2020 Elections In Williamson County That Are Being Ignored By The Williamson County Election Commission And State Election Officials Despite Multiple Efforts By The Group To Talk With Them About The Concerns.

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