State Representative Tim Rudd Running For Reelection: A Look At His Voting Record

Representative Tim Rudd (R-Murfreesboro-District 34) Assumed Office In November Of 2016 And Is Running For Reelection This Year. Here Is A Non-Exhaustive But Detailed Look At Rep. Rudd’s Voting Record From The Last Several Years.

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Tennessee Attorney General & 22 State AGs Call On Senate To Pass SAVE Act

A Coalition Of Republican Attorneys General Have Called On The U.S. Senate To Pass The Save Act, A Bill That Would Ensure Additional Safeguards Are In Place To Prevent Noncitizens From Voting In Federal Elections.

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Election 2024: The Insidious Deep-State!

Eight Months Ago, I Prepared A Threat Assessment Of The 2024 Election; This Is An Update To That Analysis. I Pray For Our Republic, President Trump And His Family, And That My Assessment Is Providentially Interceded As Was The Bullet In Butler, PA.

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Jefferson County, Tennessee GOP Chairman Calls For State And National Response To Trump Assassination Attempt

David Seal, Chairman Of The Jefferson County TN Republican Party, Challenges Fellow Republican Chairs And State Republican Organizations Across The Country To Act In Getting The Vote Out In Response To The Attempted Assassination. “Do Not Believe For A Minute That You Can Not Make A Difference In The Aftermath Of The Recent Assassination Attempt On Former President Donald Trump.”

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Ahhh, Tennessee… The Misconception About Voter Integrity

A Vast Majority Of Tennessee Citizens Think That Their State Is Securely “Red” And They Don’t Have To Get Involved. I Would Like To Believe That People Don’t Know What The State Is Doing, Rather Than Not Caring Or Agreeing. But, It’s Hard To Stay Informed If You’re Not Involved. Everything Is Far From Fine In Tennessee.

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TN “Republicans” Allow Commercial Airline To Mass-Transport Illegal Aliens Into Volunteer State Ahead Of Election; Richey Champions Immigration Check for TN Voters; RINOs Rally Behind Tom Hatcher & 4 More…

• TN “Republicans” Allow Commercial Airline to Mass-Transport Illegal Aliens Into Volunteer State Ahead of Election

• Richey Champions Immigration Check for TN Voters

• RINOs Rally Behind Tom Hatcher

• & 4 More…

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Bill Requiring Immigration Status Check For Voters In Tennessee Becomes Law

With The Signing Of A New Law, Tennessee’s Elections Now Have Greater Protections Against Illegal Aliens Being Registered To Vote In Them.

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Tennessee Fair Elections Joins Only Citizens Vote Coalition, Calls On Congress To Enact Safeguarding American Voter Eligibility Act

Tennessee Fair Elections Has Announced That It Is Joining Forces With Dozens Of National, State, And Local Organizations To Work Together To Stop Non-Citizen Voting In The 2024 Elections.

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