Lee Not Considering Mask Mandates, State Of Emergency For Now

During A Visit To Fall Creek Falls On Tuesday To Unveil A New Development, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee Spoke About His Administration’s Current Plans Regarding The Omicron Variant And The Covid-19 Virus In General.

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Federal Mandates Are Now A Reality

The Bill From The Special Session (HB 9077) Has Not Been Signed Into Law By The Governor, And Already, The Exemptions Handed Out Are In Play.

The Federal Government Has Called Our Bluff And Mandated Through CMS (Medicare) That All Healthcare Workers Be Vaccinated. Since Our Law Provides An Exemption For Federal Compliance, Our Tennessee Healthcare Workers Have No Protection From The State Against These Mandates.

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House Bill Would Trade Tennesseean’s Medical Freedom for Federal Dollars

While The Language Of The Bill Is Mostly Promising So Far As It Pertains To Individual Freedom, There Is A Section (14-6-102) In The House Version That Essentially Makes Null And Void The Whole Proposed Law Should An Entity Be Threatened With The Loss Of Federal Funding. In That Instance, The Entity Would Be Exempt.

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