Tennessee’s Triumph (Op-Ed)

The Fascinating History Of The Manhattan Project Is Preserved Throughout Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Most Prominently On The Secret City Commemorative Walk In The City’s A.K. Bissell Park. Several Excellent Museums Showcase The City’s Unique Heritage. My Favorite Is The Oak Ridge History Museum, Focusing On The “Human Side” Of The Manhattan Project.
Oak Ridge Truly Represents Tennessee’s Triumph.

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TN Board of Education Clarifies “Removal” Of Nathan Bedford Forrest From Eighth-Grade Curriculum

The Tennessee State Board Of Education (SBE) Has Clarified That Although Historical Figure Nathan Bedford Forrest May Be Up For Removal From Tennessee’s Eighth-Grade Social Studies Standards, The Controversial Name Would Still Be Covered In High School.

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Was The United States Founded On Judeo-Christian Principles? (Op-Ed)

A Question Has Been Circulating For Some Time, And It’s One That’s Worth Investigating.
Was The United States Founded On Judeo-Christian Principles?
It’s An Interesting Question Considering The Times We Live In. Church Attendance In The West Is Down, With Increasing Numbers Of People Either Rejecting Religion Altogether Or At Least Agnostic. Further, The Question Becomes Clouded When The United States Constitution Itself Claims “Congress Shall Make No Law Respecting The Establishment Of Religion Or Prohibiting The Free Exercise Thereof.”

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Op-Ed: Can American History Survive This Generation?

Norman Cousins Wrote, “History Is A Vast Early Warning System.”

If We Want To Understand Today, We Have To Know What Happened Yesterday. History Is An Encyclopedia Of Accidents, Successes, Blunders, Surprises And Absurdities.

It Is A Roadmap Of The Past Drawn For The Future. Anyone Who Fails To Study History As It Was Written Doesn’t Appreciate Today’s America And All Of Its Opportunities.

Those Who Take Our History Personal Are Living In The Past Because They Fear Today And Tomorrow.

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Taking Back America’s Children National Southeastern Conference Upcoming This January

Learn From The Top Voices In America Today Urging Parents And Concerned Citizens To Combat Falsehood About Israel, Christianity And U.S. History In Public Schools. Discover Simple Steps For Engaging The Fight In Your Hometown And Reclaiming Your Children’s Classrooms.

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