98% Say Corporate Lobbyist Wife Conflict Of Interest For State Senator, GOP Rep Stomps On 2nd Amendment Rights & Much More In The BIG 7!

98% Say Corporate Lobbyist Wife Conflict Of Interest For Sen Bo Watson

GOP Rep Jason Zachary Stomps On 2nd Amendment Rights

GOP Chair Gary Hicks Kills Death Penalty Bill For Child Rapists

16 GOP Senators Pushed Covid Jab – Were They Right?

& Much More In The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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98% Say Corporate-Welfare Lobbyist Wife Is A Conflict Of Interest For Tennessee State Senator Bo Watson

Within Just 24 Hours Results Showed 98% Responded “Yes” And Only 2% Responded “No” To A Poll That Asked, “If A High-Ranking TN State Senator Has A Lobbyist Wife Who Gets Paid $200k+ Annually To Deliver Billions In Corporate Welfare From Tennessee Taxpayers To Liberal Corporations – And If That Money Lands In The Member’s Household Bank Account, Is That A Conflict Of Interest?”

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Unmasking The Hidden Tentacles Of Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying In Tennessee

Tennessee’s Democratic Foundation Is Crumbling Beneath The Insidious Practice Of Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying. This Shadowy Network, Fueled By Our Own Dollars, Undermines The Very Principles We Hold Dear: Free Speech, Fair Representation, And Transparent Governance.

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Tennessee Will Continue To Contract With Private Company Despite Bad Audit

Despite An Audit Showing A 146% Turnover Rate For Correctional Officers At Corecivic-Run Prisons In 2023, The State Will Continue To Contract With The Private Company, Correction Commissioner Frank Strada Said. CoreCivic Has Spent $3.3 Million On Lobbying And Donations To Tennessee Lawmakers Since 2009.

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After Delay, Tennessee Lawmakers Extend TennCare Contracts Without Centene

Tennessee Extended Its Three Contracts For The State’s Multibillion-Dollar Medicaid Program After It Was Delayed A Month By State House Republicans. The Fiscal Review Committee Extended Old Contracts Instead Of Entering Into The New Ones Agreed To In 2021 Because Of Centene’s Lawsuit.

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Healthcare Services Company’s Push In Tennessee Comes As Settlements With Other States For Fraud Pile Up

Health Care Services Company Centene Is Undergoing An Aggressive Push To Become One Of The Companies To Manage Tenncare Plans, Tennessee’s Medicaid Program. But Since 2021, The Company Has Settled Allegations That It Overbilled Or Fraudulent Charged Medicaid Programs In 17 Of The 30 States It Has Operated.

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Tennessee House Republicans Push For Delay Of TennCare’s Main Contracts

House Speaker Cameron Sexton Opposes Extension Of TennCare’s Primary Contracts As Part Of A Continued Effort To Award A Separate Health-Care Company, That Spent At Least $1 Million Trying To Influence Tennessee Politics Over The Last 15 Years, A Contract After TennCare Lost A Bid.

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National Education Association – Not Focused On Student Learning.

The Tennessee Education Association (TEA) Is The Local Chapter Of The National Education Association (NEA) Labor Union. If Asked To Name The Most Significant Detriment To Our Government Schools, I Would Say The NEA Is The Most Destructive. Its Extreme, Leftist Positions Have Been Poisoning American Education For Years.

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3-Judge Panel Rules Against State On Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway Voting Law

Tennessee Republican Lawmakers Lost Another Legal Battle With Metro Nashville’s Lawyers.A Three-Judge Panel Ruled That State-Forced Changes Around The Votes Need To Approve Renovations At The Nashville Fairground Speedway Violated The City’s Right To Determine Its Own Laws.

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