Top 7 News Stories This Week For Conservatives In Tennessee!

1) Free-Speech Social Media Platform To Move HQ To Nashville
2) Nashville Nurses Denied Religious Exemptions At Saint Thomas Hospitals
3) Greer To Allow “Documented” Exemptions To Knox Schools Mask Mandate But With Additional Step
4) Food And Gas Prices Reach New Heights
5) Pandemic Shutdowns Created ‘Lost Generation’ That Will Impact Careers, Mental Health
6) TN Treasurer Strongly Opposes IRS Bank Account Monitoring Proposal
7) Lee Commits To Revamping TN’s K-12 School Funding Formula

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Pandemic Shutdowns Created ‘Lost Generation’ That Will Impact Careers, Mental Health

New National Research Shows That Parents Fear Students Who Lost Time In School During The Pandemic Shutdowns Could Experience Long-Term Effects On Their Learning And Career Opportunities.

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Too Much Facebook Time Is Harmful To Your Child’s Health – Blackburn Op-Ed

Facebook Didn’t Create The Problem Of Teen Anxiety And Depression, But They Knowingly Exploited It For Profit. They Preyed On Our Children’s Deepest Insecurities And Threw Them Into An Algorithm Tailored To Make Them Feel Even Worse. Halting A Few Pilot Programs Or Advertisement Options Is Not Enough To Undo The Systemic Prioritization Of Profit Above All Else. Facebook Consciously Decided That Advertisements, New Platforms, And Growth Were Worth The Mental Anguish Of Millions Of Young People.

Facebook’s Time Of Reckoning Is Now. Parents And Teens Deserve Resolution Before This Spiral Becomes Irreversible.

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Survey Shows Tennessee Teachers Remain Positive

With Educators Recommending Strategies Such As Summer School And Extended School Days To Help Students Catch Up From Last Year, It’s Not Surprising That The Issue Of Top Concern In Relation To COVID-19 In The 2021 TES Was Students Missing Out On Instructional Time During The School Year.

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Facebook Pauses Instagram For Kids Prior To Hearing Called By Blackburn

Just Days Before The U.S. Senate Is Set To Hold A Hearing Entitled “Protecting Kids Online: Facebook, Instagram, And Mental Health Harms,” Facebook Has Made The Decision To Pause Instagram Kids For Now.

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TTC Health & Wellness: Setting Boundaries To Protect Your Health

One Of The Things I Have Learned As A Health Coach Is That Being Healthy Is NEVER Just About Food And Movement. There Are So Many Things We Have Within Our Control That Can Help Us Be Healthier And Happier Right Now. One Of Them Is A Favorite Topic Of Mine And That Is The Topic Of Boundaries.

I Like To Define Boundaries As “Where One Person Ends And Another Begins”.

As The Government, Medical Field, Neighbors, Friends, And Even Family Try To Tell Us What Is Best For Us Regarding Our Health, It Is Important To Have Healthy Boundaries Set To Protect Your Mental And Emotional Health.

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Blackburn Calls On Facebook To Disclose Internal Research On Children’s Mental Health

U.S. Senators Blackburn And Blumenthal Called On Facebook To Release Its Internal Research On The Potentially Harmful Impact Of Its Platforms On Youth Mental Health And Explain How This Research Has Been Used To Promote And Market Their Products To Young Users.

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Tennessee’s Highest Court Hears Arguments On School Choice – June 7, 2021 TTC News Break

1) Tennessee’s Highest Court Hears Arguments On School Choice
2)Tennessee Announces Three Sales Tax Holidays
3) TN Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Receives $53M In New Federal Funding

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TN Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Receives $53M In New Federal Funding

The Tennessee Department Of Mental Health And Substance Abuse Services (TDMHSAS) Is Receiving More Than $53 Million In Additional Funding From The Federal Government To Address Post-Covid Mental Health And Substance Use Needs.

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