“Gun Reform” PAC Donates $35K To Tennessee RINO Leadership

The Gun-Reform Group Voices For A Safer Tennessee Donated About $60,000 To State Lawmakers Ahead Of This Year’s Election, With Around 80% Of The Money Going To Republicans Including House Speaker Cameron Sexton, Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, House Majority Leader William Lamberth, Senate Caucus Chair Ken Yager And State Reps. Andrew Farmer, Mark White And John Gillespie.

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19,000+ Illegal Alien Kids Dumped in Tennessee, RINOs for PAC to Support Liberal Republicans, TN Judge’s Court Promotes LGBTQ Agenda, Covenant Shooting Cover-Up Continues & MORE in the BIG 7!

🚨 19,000+ Illegal Alien Children Dumped in Tennessee

🦏 RINOs for PAC to Support Liberal Republicans

🏳️‍🌈 TN Judge’s Court Promotes LGBTQ Agenda

🤫 Covenant Shooting Cover-Up Continues

& MORE in the BIG 7!

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“A Broken Democracy,” Tennessee Political Action Group To Fund Moderate Candidates From Both Sides Of The Aisle

Launched In April Of This Year, “Nonpartisan” Group The Best Of Tennessee, Is Knoxville-Area Attorney Chloe Akers’ Second Attempt At Forming A Political Group To Back Moderate Political Candidates In Tennessee Elections.

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Unveiling the Dark Money Influence: Prop 13 Initiatives Target Tennessee

In The Intricate Labyrinth Of Political Strategy, Tennessee Has Become Entangled In A Complex Network Of Undisclosed Funding And Covert Organizations. These Entities Are Advocating For The Implementation Of California’s Notorious “Prop 13” Tax Cap Initiatives.

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Sexton, Jones Hold $1M In Cash, Plus More Notes From Campaign Filings

Heading Into The 2024 State Election Season, Only Two Tennessee State Lawmakers Hold Over $1 Million Combined In Their Campaign And PAC Accounts.

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Tennessee Taking Federal Taxpayer Funds To Promote Leftist Environmental Agenda

In Recent Months Tennessee Has Been Expressing A Desire To Reject Federal Funding For Education, And Yet At The Same Time, The State Has Decided To Accept Money, And Engage In A Project That Appears To Promote And Assist In Furthering The Radical Leftist Environmental Agenda Of The Biden Administration.

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Nashville’s Mayoral Race Is In Full Swing – Who Is Contributing The Most And To Which Candidates?

With The Nashville Mayoral Race Just Around The Corner, The Question Has Been Asked, Who Are The Largest Contributors And Where Is Their Money Going? And Better Yet, Will That Translate To A Win For Those Candidates?

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What Happens When A Cash-Poor Billionaire Wants A New Sports Stadium? Lobbying.

The Tennessee Titans Turned A Couple Million In Political Spending Into Over A Billion Dollars From Taxpayers.

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