Delusions – (Op-Ed By James V. Ferguson, MD)

I Understand The Medical Diagnosis Of Insanity, But I Cannot Comprehend The Delusional Thinking Of So Many People. And I Refuse To Normalize Such Non-Reality Under The Ruse Of “DEI” (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion).
To Paraphrase CK Chesterton, If You Believe In Nothing, You Can Believe In Anything. I Am Against Injustice, But I Will Not Accept The “Normalization” Of Such Destructive And Delusional Thought. And I Won’t Be Badgered Into Embracing Non-Reality.

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TVA Live Streams Drag Queen Performance During Work Hours In Honor Of Pride Month (Update 6.28.22)

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) In Keeping With Their Pride Wish For “Everyone To Celebrate Their Authentic Selves” During The Month Of June, Live Streamed Two Drag Queens For An Hour During The Workday On Wednesday According To Our Source.

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What Does Roe v Wade Overturn Mean For Tennessee? – TVA pushes PRIDE – Disenfranchised Constituents And More! – The TennCon Big 7!

BREAKING – What Does Roe V. Wade Overturn Mean for Tennessee?

1) Curcio Disenfranchises Constituents By Abandoning Legislature Post To Become Lobbyist
2) TVA Live Streams Drag Queen Performance During Work Hours In Honor Of Pride Month
3) TN House Leadership Urges Lee To Block Health Department From Distributing, Promoting, Recommending COVID Vaccine For Kids Under 5
4) Tennessee Attorney General Disputes Federal Directive to Withhold Nutrition Assistance For Schools That Don’t Adhere to New ‘Gender Identity’ Policy
5) Tennessee Voters To Decide If ‘Right To Work’ Becomes A Part of State Constitution
6) State Funded Reentry Office Aligns With New Equity Movement Favoring Gay Population
7) Nashville Could Commission $200K Study On Titan’s Stadium Lease Obligations

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The Truth About Chattanooga Shootings, TVA Wokeness & TN “Tax Breaks” Discussed By Lewis & Abernathy

Chattanoogan and founder of The Tennessee Conservative, Brandon Lewis, joins the Alex Abernathy Show to speak the truth, that you won’t see in the mainstream media headlines, about the plague of shootings in Chattanooga and how it could be remedied by the City adopting the “Broken Window Doctrine.”

They also discuss the Pride Month promotions posted by countless companies and organizations in the Volunteer State that are very much out-of-step with the majority of Tennesseans.

And in closing, they discuss the Tennessee tax cuts being celebrated by the state’s Republican leadership that many consider to be too stingy considering the state’s coffers are filled with the biggest surplus in the Volunteer State’s History.

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Pride Month Promotions Out Of Step With Majority Of Tennesseans

Many People Believe That Pride Month Messaging Is Out-Of-Step With The Majority Of Tennesseans.

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