Pentagon Lifts Vaccine Mandate For U.S. Service Members

The Department Of Defense Has Officially Lifted The Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate For U.S. Service Members. While The Mandate Is Lifted, Congress’ Action Did Not Reinstate Those Discharged For Refusing To Take The Vaccine.

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Amendments Added To Protect Religious Freedoms In ‘Respect For Marriage’ Act

An Earlier Version Of The Bill That Passed The Senate Did Not Include Provisions Protecting Religious Freedom But Amendments Were Added That Acknowledge Traditional Beliefs About Marriage As Being Reasonable And Deserving Respect.

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TN Senators Vote Against Gay Marriage Act in Attempt to Protect Religious Freedoms

Tennessee Senators Marsha Blackburn And Bill Hagerty Voted Against The Respect For Marriage Act On Tuesday, Saying That The Current Version Does Not Provide Protection Of Religious Liberty For Tennessee Residents.

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U.S. Senate Advances Bill To Codify Same-Sex Marriage Protections

The U.S. Senate Voted Wednesday To End Debate On Legislation To Codify Same-Sex Marriage Protections. The Procedural Action Does Not Fully Pass The Bill Out Of The Senate, But Sets It Up For Likely Passage Later This Week With A Possible Vote Thursday.

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Tennessee Religious Leaders Invited To “Awakening The Voice Of Truth” Event In Nashville

Our Hope Is That This One-Day Conference Will Be A Time Of Fellowship And Preparation As Our Distinguished Panel Of Speakers Helps Equip You To Serve Your Congregation More Effectively.

I, Along With Dr. Raleigh Washington (President, Awakening The Voice Of Truth), Brad Dacus (Founder, Pacific Justice Institute), And Others Will Share Our Expertise And Insight In The Areas Of Religious Liberty, Education, Culture, The Law, And Much More.

Our Goal Is To Help You Understand The Challenges Tennesseans Are Facing And Give Vital Tools To Successfully Confront Those Challenges With Confidence. These Highly Experienced Men And Women Will Share Their Insights And Assessments Of Current Events, And You’ll Also Have An Opportunity To Ask Questions And Dialogue With The Panel.

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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Says Country Is Seeing Growing Hostility To Religious Freedom

Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Said There’s A “Growing Hostility To Religion” In A Keynote Address He Gave Highlighting The Unique Protection Of Religion In The U.S. Constitution.

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