Hazlewood Running For Reelection Next Year: A Look At Her Voting Record

Representative Patsy Hazlewood (R-Signal Mountain-District 27) Is Running For Reelection In 2024. A Look At Her Recent Voting Record Shows That While She Is A Republican, She Is Far From Being A True Conservative.

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Once A RINO, Always A RINO? [Brandon Lewis Interviewed By Conservative Christians of Tennessee]

Conservative Christians Of Tennessee – Faith In Action Interviews The Tennessee Conservative’s Brandon Lewis About The General Assembly’s Expensive Special Session, The Tennessee Conservative’s 2023 RINO Report And The Upcoming Conservative Candidates Academy In Chattanooga.

Brandon Also Answers The Question, “If A Republican Gets Public Exposure For Being A RINO, Are They Likely To Change Their Ways?”

All This And More In This Great Interview Conducted By Conservative Christians Of Tennessee!

Listen In Now!

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Brandon Reveals NEW LAWS Proposed For Gov. Lee’s RED FLAG GUN LAW Special Session! PLUS Much More!

Brandon reveals NEW LAWS proposed for Gov. Lee’s RED FLAG GUN LAW Special Session! PLUS stories on out-of-control judges attacking home schoolers, SEL in government schools & California’s attempt to STOP TN’s BAN on mutilating kids… TUNE IN!

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The Tennessee Conservative’s 2023 RINO Report & Freedom Caucus Awards Has Arrived!

All Republicans Make Big Promises When Campaigning & On Social Media… Yet, The Votes Tell A Different, Shocking Story. Who’s Telling The Truth? Find Out Inside The RINO Report! – Download For FREE Today!

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2023 RINO Report On It’s Way! Special Session Officially Called, Campaign Promises / Campaign Lies, Jail Time For Truancy & Much More! The TennCon Big 7

2023 RINO Report On It’s Way! Special Session Officially Called, Campaign Promises / Campaign Lies, Jail Time For Truancy, No Commitments For SRO’s, Nashville’s Elections, Jumping On The Bandwagon, Supporting Bible Curriculum & More! All This & More On This Week’s Edition Of The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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Help This Poor 2-Year Old In Tennessee?

Let Me Ask You This: If You Saw A Two-Year-Old That Needed Help, Would You Help? Or, Would You Just Ignore The Cries And Watch It Suffer? Did I Hear You Say You’d Help? That’s What I Thought You’d Say! You’re A Conservative After All. That’s Great News, Because There Is A Scrappy Little 2-Year-Old That Needs Your Help Now.

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CORRECTION: Retiring TN Rep Says “Lack of Transparency Major Issue in the Tennessee House”

Retiring Representative David Byrd (R-Waynesboro-District 71) Told The Tennessee Conservative That Many Legislators “Hide Behind” The Lack Of Roll Call Votes When They Don’t Want The Public To Know Their Stance On A Piece Of Legislation, Leading To Many Good Conservative Bills Being Killed In Subcommittees And Committees With No Official Record Made Of Who Was Responsible.

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Tennessee Education Association Pushes Crossover Raiding By Democrat Voters Supporting Incumbent Rep. Ramsey

The Tennessee Education Association (TEA) Has Sent Out A Mailer Supporting Republican Representative Bob Ramsey (District 20 – Maryville) To Voters Alerting Them That They Can Vote In The Republican Primary Election, Regardless Of Political Affiliation.

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Election Shenanigans, Teachers Unions And National Guard Medical Freedom With Lewis & Abernathy

Brandon Lewis, Founder Of The Tennessee Conservative, Joins The Alex Abernathy Show To Discuss A Political Action Committee’s False Accusations Sent Out In A Mailer To Williamson County Voters Against Conservative Candidate For District 27, Gary Humble.

They Also Discuss The Mailer Sent By The Tennessee Education Association To Encourage Crossover Raiding By Democrats In The Republican Primary To Re-Elect Senator Richard Briggs.

In Closing, They Discuss Governor Lee’s Response To The Tennessee National Guard Member’s Plea For Protection Of Their Medical Freedoms.

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The RINO Report, 98% Think Primaries Should Be Closed, Abortion Stymied, Medical Freedom, TN Sovereignty & More! – The TennCon BIG 7 Weekend Digest!

1) Get the RINO Report Now!
2) Almost 98% Of Tennessee Republican Primary Voters Believe Open Primaries Should Be Closed
3) Tennessee Abortion Clinics Stymied After Injunction Against “Heartbeat” Law Lifted
4) TN-5 Candidates Give Their Views On The Rights Of Tennessee National Guardsmen
5) American Policy Center Sounds Alarm About Danger Of National Heritage Act To Tennessee Sovereignty
6) Tennessee Congresswoman Introduces Act To Halt USDA’s Woke Agenda In Public Schools
7) Athens, TN Teacher Of The Year Busted For Burglary, Drug Possession And Trespassing

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