For Some, Open Border Chaos Is The Goal (Op-Ed)

Beware, The Crisis At The Southern Border May Be Much Worse Than It Appears.

The Ways In Which American Families And Businesses Are Being Harmed By The Open Border Policies Could Fill Volumes. But It’s Clear That State Budgets, Neighborhood Safety, And Our Children’s Futures Are All Being Endangered While The Drug Cartels And Our Most Powerful Foreign Adversaries Become Enriched And Empowered.

Instead Of Using These Tragedies To Advance The Special Interest Agendas Of Michael Bloomberg And George Soros, Perhaps We Could All Agree That The American Chapter On Human Trafficking, Opioids, And Open Borders Should Be Relegated To The History Books.

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Safety Concerns Drive Educators Away From Schools

While Academics Remain A Priority For Teachers, More And More Of Them Are Citing Safety Issues As A Major Concern. As The School Year Has Come To An End In Tennessee, Many Educators Have Opted Not To Return For The Upcoming Year Because They Fear For Their Own Personal Safety.

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Governor Lee Addresses Shootings At Covenant And Relates Plans For Tennessee To Keep Students Safer In School

Yesterday at 1:00 pm in the first press conference since the shooting at Covenant Christian school, and in the wake of the protests at The Capitol last week, Governor Bill Lee addressed the press along with other Republican leaders announcing plans to strengthen security at all schools both public and private all across the Volunteer state. 

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Nashville Turns On Illegal Aliens Magnet, CMA Bans Rebel Flag, Mayor Cooper Shamed + The Big 7!

1) Metro Nashville City Council Creates Another Magnet For Illegal Aliens To Come To Tennessee
2) Country Music Association Bans Confederate Imagery For 2022 Festival
3) Tax Breaks Total $280 Million Amid Sky-Rocketing Revenues
4) Tennessee Stadium’s Proposed $1.5B Public Subsidy Far Surpasses Any Prior NFL Stadium
5) Nashville Group Publicly Shames Mayor Cooper For Refusing To Clean Up Homeless Encampment
6) Tennessee Slapped With Suit Alleging Failure To Give Veterans Employment Preferences
7) Governor Lee Introduces Executive Order To Appraise Safety At Public Schools

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U.S. House Passes ‘Red Flag’ Law As Gun Control Bills Await Fate In The Senate

The Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act, Which Passed The House With A 224-202 Vote, Would Allow A Judge To Prevent Someone From Purchasing A Weapon If The Judge Decides They Are Dangerous.

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