Reversing Roe V Wade Saved TONS Of Babies

Ever Since Roe V. Wade Was Finally Thrown On The Ash Heap Of History Last June, We’ve Been Anxiously Waiting To See The Real-Life Impact. A Newly Released Study Shows That More Than 30,000 Lives Were Saved After The Reversal Of Roe V. Wade In States With Solid Legal Protections For Preborn Babies.

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Abortion Battle Heats Up Nationwide

The U.S. Supreme Court Temporarily Halted A Lower Court’s Ruling Restricting An Abortion Pill Until Wednesday Night. The Hold Will Give The Supreme Court Time To Review The Controversial Legal Battle Over Mifespristone…

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Senator Richard Briggs Waffles On Commitment To Tennessee’s Anti-Abortion Law

Senator Richard Briggs Who Voted ‘Yes’ On Tennessee’s Human Life Protection Act That Became Law On May 15th, 2019 Would Now Like To See The Law Changed To Offer Clear Exceptions.

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Human Beings Are Not Disposable, No Matter What (Op-Ed)

In August, Tennessee’s Human Life Protection Act Went Into Effect, Banning Abortion Statewide From Conception. Contrary The Abortion Lobby’s Alarmist Rhetoric, There Are No Dead Bodies In The Streets, No Women Being Denied Life-Saving Treatment, And Nobody Will Be Investigated Simply For Having A Miscarriage.

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Tennessee Abortion Laws Will Outlaw The Killing Of The Unborn In Thirty Days Or Less

Now That The U.S. Supreme Court Has Overturned Roe V. Wade, A 1973 Landmark Decision Related To Abortion And Casey V. Planned Parenthood, Another Abortion-Related Decision From 1992, Tennessee’s Trigger Law Could Go Into Effect And Outlaw The Procedure Statewide Sometime In July.

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Solemn Prayer Assembly As SCOTUS Deliberates Roe V Wade

On June 30, 2022, At 6:30 Pm Eastern Time At Calvary Chapel Chattanooga, The Community Will Join Thousands Of Others Across The Nation To Show Solidarity Through Prayer For Our Country To Take A Stand For Life And Our Unborn.

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Students For Life Tennessee Sets The Record Straight On Leaked SCOTUS Opinion

The Draft Opinion, Which Was Leaked Monday Night, Shows A Majority Of Justices, With Justice Alito Writing The Opinion, Voting To Overturn Roe V. Wade And Planned Parenthood V. Casey. There Has Been Much Discussion And Misinformation Regarding What The Draft Actually Says. We Respond To Set The Record Straight. The Public Deserves A Clear, Concise Analysis Of This Draft, Free From Feigned Outrage And Malicious Disinformation.

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How To Respond About Roe V. Wade

As You Might Imagine, This Situation Is Rapidly Changing.

Note: This Was Only A Draft Decision…No Final Decision Has Been Released Yet. It Was Leaked As A Desperate Measure By The Pro-Abortion Movement To Bully The Supreme Court Justices To Change Their Minds Before The Final Decision.

So, While We Wait For The Final Decision (Which We Pray Is The Reversal Of Roe)… I Know You’re Seeing A Lot Of Crazy Stuff On Social Media.

As Expected, Abortion Supporters Are Losing Their Minds.

What Follows Is A “Toolkit” I Made For You To Communicate Effectively On Critical Topics Surrounding Roe’s Impending Reversal.

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