Biden Builds Back Broke: Blackburn Op-Ed

Democrat Policies Are, In No Uncertain Terms, A Disaster For The American People. Our Businesses And Livelihoods Will Suffer As A Direct Result Of The Radical Whims Of Congressional Democrats Championed By The White House.

Make No Mistake — Democrats In The White House And Congress Haven’t Just Failed The American People — They Are Doing Everything In Their Power To Keep Us From Succeeding, To Destroy Small Businesses And Force Their Socialist Agenda On Main Street America.

These Proposed Tax Regulations Will Undermine Small Businesses, Bankrupt Lower-Income Taxpayers, And Enable China To Continue Its Uncontested Economic Growth. Any Effort To Subvert Outright Opposition To The Radical Tax Plan Is An Insult To The American People.

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America Is A Country In Crisis: Blackburn Op-Ed

America Is A Country In Crisis. Democrats Have Yet Again Forced Their Unwilling Cash Cow — The American People — To Foot The Bill For Their Radical Tax-And-Spend Agenda. But Hidden Behind A Facade Of “Green” Energy And “Free” Benefits Lie More Dangerous Intentions. Democrats Are Using These Massive Spending Programs To Build The Gateway To Socialism. If They Succeed, They Will Transform America From A Nation With A Spending Problem Into A Country Whose People Have Lost Control Of Their Own Government.

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Republicans Push Back Against ‘Politicization’ Of IRS

President Joe Biden Has Pushed For Beefing Up IRS Audits Of Corporations To Raise Revenue For His New Spending Proposals, But Republicans Are Raising The Alarm About The Potential Consequences Of The Plan.

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Biden Tax Hikes Would Put U.S. At Disadvantage Against Other Nations

A New Report From The Tax Foundation Found That President Joe Biden’s Proposed Tax Increases Would Put The U.S. At Much Higher Rates Than Many Of Its Economic Competitors.

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Grassroots Nashville Launches Campaign Supporting Taxpayer Protection Act

Americans For Prosperity-Tennessee Announced It Is Forming A Ballot Committee, AFP – Grassroots Nashville, To Support The Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act, A Set Of Six Proposed Charter Amendments That Could Drastically Alter How Nashville Metro Government Operates.

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