GOP Club Falls Apart After Censorship Demands From State Leadership

Following An Ultimatum Issued To The President Of The Blount County Republican Women’s Club By The Tennessee Federation Of Republican Women To Cancel The Speaking Engagement Of Gary Humble, The BCRW’s President Resigned And Now The Vast Majority Of The Club’s Leadership And Almost Half Of The Active Members Have Officially Resigned.

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The Establishment Strikes Back: Purging The MAGA Agenda In Tennessee (Op-Ed)

Tennesseans Deserve Better Republican Leaders. More Accurately, Tennesseans Deserve Leaders Who Actually Represent The Republican Platform And Republican Voters. The RINOs Have Made It Clear That They Want To Purge Conservatives From The TRP. I Say, Turn The Tables. It Is Time For Tennessee Conservatives To Eradicate RINOs. The Establishment Can Buy Influence With The TRP Through Campaign Contributions And PAC Support. To Overcome This Advantage, The Grassroots Must Mobilize And Use Our Superior Numbers To Demand Change. This Means Forming Conservative Groups, Recruiting Primary Opponents, And Getting Engaged In Every County Across The State Of Tennessee.

Tennessee Stands And The Tennessee Conservative News Have Proven That Conservatives Can Move The Needle Through Grassroots Activism. Rather Than Be Discouraged By My Election Nullification And The Attempted Cancellation Of Gary Humble In Blount County, We Should Use These Events As A Rallying Cry. Tennesseans Fought Valiantly At The Alamo. Sam Houston, Who Grew Up In Blount County, Defeated Santa Anna’s Army At The Battle Of San Jacinto, Just As Andrew Jackson’s Militia Forces Vanquished The British Army Led By Major General Edward Pakenham At The Battle Of New Orleans. It Is Time For Tennessee Conservatives To Show The Establishment What Volunteers Can Do When Provoked.

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Blount County Republican Women’s President Stands By Her Principles, Resigns After Ultimatum Issued By TN RINOs

Following An Ultimatum Issued By The Tennessee Federation of Republican Women, The President Of The Blount County Republican Women’s Club Has Decided To Resign Her Post Rather Than Sacrifice Her Principles.

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