Some Parents Voice Concerns Over “Accurate Demonstration Of Embryonic Development” In Public School Curriculum

Some Parents Are Expressing Concerns Over A New Law Requiring Tennessee Public School Students Watch A Video Showing Fetal Development As A Part Of Their Family Life Curriculum.

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More Districts Announce Refusal To Allow Teachers To Carry Guns For Added Protection in Tennessee Public Schools

Legislation That Authorizes Tennessee Teachers To Carry Handguns On Campus Has Been Signed By Governor Bill Lee And Given A Public Chapter Number, But No School District Has Expressed That They Are On Board With The Policy Change.

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New Legislation Mandating Fetal Development Videos Be Shown As Part Of School Curriculum Signed By Tennessee Governor

Governor Bill Lee Signed New Legislation Last Week Requiring Fetal Development Videos Be Added To Family Life Curriculum In Tennessee Public Schools.

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Tennessee Bill To Authorize Retired Law Enforcement, Veterans To Serve As School Resource Officers Moves Forward

The Tennessee House Finance, Ways, And Means Committee Has Recommended A Bill For Passage That Would Allow Tennessee Public And Charter Schools To Hire Retired Law Enforcement And Military Personnel As On-Campus Security In School Resource Officer Positions.

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Senate Passes Bill To Mandate Annual Firearm Safety Course In Tennessee Schools

Legislation That Would Require Tennessee Schools To Teach About Firearm Storage, School Safety, And Avoiding Injury Should A Firearm Be Found Passed The Senate On Thursday.

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Clarksville Mom Wants Teacher Fired For Screaming At, Pulling Hair Of Special Needs Student

A Clarksville Mother Is Petitioning The Local School Board To Terminate A Tenured Teacher Who Allegedly Screamed At Her Special Needs Son And Pulled His Hair.

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Adverse Student Behavior, Unpunished Bullying, School Inaction Forging Path For School Vouchers / Public School Exodus (4th In A Series)

Some Of The Reported Reasons For Tennessee School Vouchers Receiving Support And Moving Forward And The Exodus Of Children From Public Schools Include Adverse Student Behavior On School Buses, Unpunished Bullies And Lack Of Action By School Administrators.

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Tennessee Senate Committee Passes Bill To Mandate Firearm Safety Course For Public School Students

The Senate Education Committee Passed A Bill That Would Require Tennessee Students In Public Schools And Public Charter Schools To Take An Annual Handgun Safety Course.

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Banning Pride Flags / Police Doing their Jobs / Expelled Lawmakers & 4 More Big Tennessee Stories!

🏳️‍🌈 Tennessee House Passes Bill to Officially Ban Pride Flags in Public Schools

🚓 Liberal News Outlets Claim Police Doing Their Jobs Hurts Public Safety

📄House Bill Bars Local Councils from sending Expelled Lawmakers Back to the Capitol

& 4 More Big Tennessee Stories on this week’s episode of The Big 7! 👀

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