What Can Be Done About Illegal Immigration In TN: Griffey Op-Ed

I Believe The Vast Majority (If Not Every Tennesseans Minus The Crazies) Expects And Demands That Our Laws Are Obeyed By Everyone Equally. That Includes Our Immigration Laws And The Legal Process To Be Able To Come To The US And Work Here.

Ignoring The Law Or Letting Some People Get Away With Breaking The Law Undermines The Very Fundamental Fabric That This Country Was Founded Upon – Equal Justice For All. If We Don’t Follow And Apply The Law Equally To Everyone, It Will Have Disastrous Consequences.

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Governor Lee Asks For Greater Transparency In Afghan Resettlement

Governor Lee Is Asking White House For Transparency As TN Prepares For At Least 415 Refugees From Afghanistan. An Email Sent By The U.S. Department Of State’s Afghan Placement And Assistance Program Provided Lee’s Office With An Estimated Number Of Refugees To Expect But Also Told Them To Anticipate That The Number Would Increase.

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Gov Bill Lee And The Unsavory Groups Aiding Unvetted, Unvaccinated Unknown Refugees

Thanks To Gov Bill Lee And Wealthy “Charitable” Organizations, Nashville Tennessee Is Preparing To Accept Hundreds Of Muslims From War Torn Afghanistan. It Should Not Come As A Surprise Though, Back In December Of 2019, Bill Lee Changed Course And Accepted Refugees, Despite Knowing Tennesseans Were Not In Favor Of It. It Also Should Not Be A Surprise As 10 Days After Being Sworn In, Bill Lee Met With A Group Of Muslims From The American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), Whose Ties To Radical Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups Are Well Known.

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