Tennessee Fair Elections Joins Only Citizens Vote Coalition, Calls On Congress To Enact Safeguarding American Voter Eligibility Act

Image Credit: onlycitizensvotecoalition.com

Press Release –

Tennessee Fair Elections has announced that it is joining forces with dozens of national, state, and local organizations to work together to stop noncitizen voting in the 2024 elections.

 “Tennessee Fair Elections is proud to be a Founding Member of the Only Citizens Vote Coalition, the mission of which is dedicated to the principle that only United States citizens should be allowed to vote in any American election and that proof of United States citizenship must be required to register to vote,” said Kathy Harms, Co-Chair.  “We will work with other leaders, activists, and public officials to educate our fellow citizens of citizen-only voting and to secure enactment and administration of laws and practices at all levels of government to prevent noncitizen registration and voting.”

 “To that end, we urge Congress to enact the SAVE Act, to protect our 2024 elections from any noncitizen votes,” Kathy Harms added.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) is principal sponsor of the SAVE Act in the House and stated as follows: “Secure elections are a key cornerstone for any representative government; without them, we won’t have a country. Radical progressive Democrats know this and are using open border policies while also attacking election integrity laws to fundamentally remake America. That’s why I am proud to introduce the SAVE Act with Speaker Johnson and my Republican colleagues, along with the invaluable support of citizens and organizations that recognize we must end the practice of non-citizens voting in our elections.”

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) announced that he will introduce a companion to the SAVE Act in the US Senate.  “Voting is both a sacred right and responsibility of American citizenship, and allowing the people of other nations access to our elections is a grave blow to our security and self-governance.”

Go to onlycitizensvotecoalition.com for more information about the Only Citizens Vote Coalition and the SAVE Act, and to sign the national petition in support of the principle that only citizens should vote in any US election:  local, state, and federal.

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