2022 Tennessee Freedom Summit Resource Page

It was great having you at the 2nd Annual Tennessee Freedom Summit!

If we’ve learned anything from the recent past, it is this:

Our freedoms are fragile things in the hands of men… any men. 

This means we must focus our time and resources where they will make a practical, measurable difference in expanding or protecting liberty. To that end, below you will find the following:

#1 – Videos of the presentations of our speakers and panelists and links to any of the organizations they represent.

#2 – A list of additional grassroots leaders and table sponsors from the event in case you want to check them out.

#3 – Additional useful resources.

Thank you so much for joining us!

I hope to see you again soon!

Your Friend in Freedom,

Brandon Lewis
The Tennessee Conservative


Tennessee Freedom Summit Welcome Reception & Mixer – Congressman Mark Green 

Truth: The Only Way to Political Freedom – Deputy Speaker Janice Bowling, Tennessee State Senate

The Future of Conservatism – Alex Abernathy, Tennessee’s Anchorman 

The Sacred Fire – Robin Steenman, Moms for Liberty

The Wit & Wisdom Curriculum Lawsuit  – Trisha Lucente, Parent’s Choice Tennessee

Tough Tusk and Conservative Flame Awards

Woke, Weak or Wise: A Call to the Church – Anne Lowery, Calvary Chapel Chattanooga

Taking Back America’s Children – Laurie Cardoza-Moore, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations

Preventing Illegal Immigration & Protecting Free Speech – Rep. Dennis Powers, Tennessee State House 

Corporatism Vs. Conservatism: Reclaiming the TNGOP – Brandon Lewis, The Tennessee Conservative

Conservative Braintrust Panel 

Rep. Chris Todd, Tori Venable (Americans for Prosperity -TN), Gary Humble (Tennessee Stands)


Congressman Mark Green



Senator Janice Bowling



Alex Abernathy – Tennessee’s Anchorman

Alex Abernathy Podcast


Robin Steenman

Moms for Liberty – Williamson County


Trisha Lucente

Parent’s Choice Tennessee


Anne Lowery

Calvary Chapel Chattanooga


Laurie Cardoza-Moore

Proclaiming Justice to the Nations


Representative Dennis Powers



Brandon Lewis

The Tennessee Conservative


Representative Chris Todd



Tori Venable

Americans for Prosperity – TN


Gary Humble

Tennessee Stands


Rick Dramm

Conservative Club of Tellico