The Tivoli Launches Recovery Fund Challenge To Bring Venues Back to Life

The Tivoli Theatre Foundation Has Launched Their Recovery Fund Challenge To Help Promote And Preserve Their Historic, Nearly 100 year old venues.

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Source: The Tivoli Foundation

Published February 25, 2021

The Tivoli Theatre Foundation has launched their Recovery Fund Challenge to help their historic venues return to life.  

The challenge, made possible by the Bobby Stone Foundation, provides donors to their 501(c)(3) nonprofit the opportunity to double the impact of any contribution.  

These efforts will support the vital work needed to promote and preserve their historic, nearly 100 year old venues. 

Nick Wilkinson, Executive Director of the Tivoli Theatre Foundation stated that, “For nearly a year, the Tivoli Theatre Foundation has endured an unprecedented time in our industry for both live entertainment and the venues that play host to it.” 

Due to the pandemic, the Tivoli has not been able to bring the world class talent to Chattanooga that the community has grown to love since they were first founded in 2015.  

“While we have seen tremendous success from fundraising and other opportunities to date, the Tivoli Theatre Foundation still has a long road ahead to return to form once we’re cleated to gather again. We’re excited to launch the Recovery Fund Challenge in hopes of bringing us one step closer towards that goal, “ said Wilkinson

According to the Tivoli, contributions to the Recovery Fund challenge will be matched dollar for dollar up to $200,000. 

Proceeds will benefit everything from allowing the Tivoli Theatre Foundation to promote and market shows to the ongoing work to maintain the buildings under their control, including extensive restoration efforts in the Tivoli Theatre and Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Auditorium. 

Mike Pollock, Executive Director of the Bobby Stone Foundation, stated, “We are excited to help the Tivoli Foundation through this difficult time, and we know Bobby, who was a founding board member of the Tivoli Foundation, would want to make sure that historic places like the Tivoli Theatre are around when we are able to again return together as a community.” 

“We hope the community will really respond to this opportunity to have a tremendous impact and ensure that the magic of the performing arts remains in Chattanooga for generations to come,” Pollock said. 

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A few examples of donations – as well as some of the accompanying donor benefits – that can help the organization navigate through this challenging period include*: 

• $100 will replace a lightbulb in the historic Tivoli Marquee.  

• $200 will keep the water running at the theatre for two weeks. 

• $500 will help maintain the CDC’s guidelines for safely reopening.  

• $1,000 will fund monthly maintenance of staging equipment.  

• $2,500 will fund a Bobby Stone Film Series movie presentation. 

Includes 4 tickets, 4 beverages, 4 popcorns when movies return to the Tivoli. 

• $5,000 will enable HVAC capabilities to preserve historic architectural details and paint.  

• $10,000 will help offset the utility costs required to properly maintain the historic Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Auditorium for one month. 

Gifts of $10,000 and over will be recognized with a special message of your choosing on the Tivoli Marquee.** 

• $15,000 will help us bring a Walker Theatre show back to the stage when we reopen. 

Includes 4 tickets and 4 beverages to a future Walker Theatre performance of your choosing. 

The Tivoli Foundation states, “Now more than ever, with your support, we will go forward together.” 

* All donations will go toward a Friends of the Tivoli membership. Learn more at

** Marquee message must be mutually agreed upon by the donor and The Tivoli Theatre Foundation and will appear on Marquee for one week. 

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