TN Dept Of Education Releases 2021-22 School District Report Card

Includes Redesigned Pages, New Information on District and School Performance.

Image Credit: Tennessee Department of Education

Press Release –

On Monday, November 28th, the Tennessee Department of Education released the 2021-22  State Report Card, an online tool designed for parents, families and education stakeholders to understand how Tennessee’s districts and schools are serving students.

The State Report Card provides families and other stakeholders information about how Tennessee schools and districts are performing to inform decisions and strategic investments to best support students. 

“With the release of the State Report Card, Tennessee continues our firm commitment to providing families with clear, actionable information on how our districts and schools are serving students,” said Commissioner Penny Schwinn. “The Report Card allows stakeholders to access years’ worth of meaningful data through an interactive, easy-to-navigate online platform, and now the latest data is available to help Tennesseans to explore and learn about their local schools and districts.”

This year’s State Report Card, as in previous years, contains general information and state-, district-, and school-level data including enrollment, finance, and staffing. In addition, the State Report Card includes the following performance indicators—academic achievement, growth (district and school level only), chronically out of school, and progress on English language proficiency, Ready Graduate, and graduation rate. 

The 2021-22 State Report Card has been improved and contains several new features including:

  • Improved usability and accessibility across district and school pages
  • Improved interactive visualization 
  • Redesigned overall performance and information pages
  • Filter functions for school/district designations and distinctions 
  • New badges for school designations and school/district distinctions 
  • Google translator option

“The Tennessee State Report Card is an invaluable tool to help us use data to find opportunities to advance learning opportunities for our students,” said Dr. Versie Hamlett, Director of Schools, Fayette County Schools. “As educators, we benefit from assessing and adjusting our strategies to help students get the best possible education, and the Report Card helps us measure our investments to ensure the best educational possible outcomes.”

“Johnson City Schools uses the objective information presented in the TN State Report Card to measure the success of our students against that of their peers across the state,” said Dr. Steve Barnett, Director of Schools, Johnson City Schools. “The State Report Card is a valuable resource to collaboratively inform and engage families and the community in the processes of improving outcomes for students.”

“As parents, we need access to clear, simple, and easy-to-understand data about how our kids are performing and how our schools and educators are best meeting their needs,” said Sarah Carpenter, Executive Director, The Memphis Lift. “The State Report Card is a helpful resource that helps parents know how they can get involved and ensure their children are receiving a high-quality education.”

The 2021-22 State Report Card can be accessed here. Additional resources on the State Report Card are available here.

For additional data on schools and districts, visit the Data Downloads page.

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