“Travel Embers” Heritage Travel Podcast Launched In Chattanooga, TN

Press Release –

A new heritage tourism podcast based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, launched its first episode on March 16, 2022. The Travel Embers podcast is focused on bringing to light the hidden histories and forgotten stories from heritage sites, small towns and outdoor spaces across America.

“Visitors are seeking off-the-beaten-path locations and authentic experiences more than ever before,” says the creator and host of Travel Embers, Jenni Veal, a writer and travel professional with deep roots in heritage and tourism development. “We want to bring stories to light that have been hidden away for centuries to engage audiences and inspire them to visit these places.”

Heritage tourism is considered one of the fastest-growing segments in the tourism industry. Eighty-one percent of U.S. tourists consider themselves “cultural tourists,” and 56 percent of Americans indicated they included at least one cultural, arts, historic or heritage activity or event while traveling in the last year. Millennials are a growth market for heritage tourism, as 73 percent want to engage in a destination’s arts and cultural assets, while two-thirds rated authenticity as extremely important in their travel decisions.

“Podcasting is growing with all age groups because it’s easy to listen while driving or exercising,” says Veal. “History adds another layer to our travels – so many of us are fascinated by the people and places that made America what it is today, good and bad. So it made sense to create a podcast that shares the history that surrounds us everywhere, but that is often forgotten.”

Season One is sponsored by the Tennessee Overhill Heritage Association and features fascinating stories from within the historic landscape of the Tennessee Overhill region in Monroe, McMinn and Polk counties. Learn more at TennesseeOverhill.com.

Listen to Season One of Travel Embers at TravelEmbersPodcast.com or wherever you listen to podcasts. Listeners can also follow Travel Embers Podcast on Instagram for behind-the-scenes information and photos.

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